Strength Training is the new sex tape……

Sex tapes are nothing new to Hollywood starlets trying to launch their careers. Anyone working in the Digital Boom back in the mid 1990’s can recall how fast Pamela Anderson propelled to the number one spot on the top of the search engines (which back then, Google was simply a research project for two young students in Stanford  and the SEARCH space was dominated by AOL- a 3 letter word my kids will NEVER hear. Sorry Ted.)

Then came Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon- oh wait- wasn’t  that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon? I can’t keep track…. I’m sure I have missed a few in between Kim Kardashian and the latest; Minka Kelly.

Seriously, I can’t, nor want, to keep up.

There’s so much other REAL porn available online to distract from these starlets FAKE attempts at publicity.

But none of that bothers me – it’s the YOUNG teen ROLE MODELS (pathetic that they are called that, I know) that really IRK me.

First came Hannah Montana and the racy nude photos of a teenage Miley Cyrus taken by Annie Leibowitz.

Then came Justin Beiber getting a girl pregnant (“Allegedly” – which is simply another word for he covered his bases by paying a lot of people to make it all go away.)

Now it’s Kristen Stewart who has rocked the young tween world of innocence by having an affair with a married man. (I thought it would be the other way around- I mean, have you seen her? she is not  exactly star quality….more like TV Movie of the Week material. )

Seriously? It’s not enough she is dating the youngest hottest (to some opinions- not mine) star in movies- she needs to go after the married fathers now too? Doll- I can give you advice: Married men come with baggage….RUN for the HILLS ….or the FOREST? (Whichever background Twighlight is filmed).

I suppose the Lesson Learned here is such:

Be YOUR OWN Role Model for your kids.

Teach them to be confident and secure with themselves at a young age instead of relying on what Hollywood dictates to be cool.

Personally, I teach my girls that STRENGTH, BRAINS AND CONFIDENCE is what EMPOWERS a Woman.

Skinny and Slutty is simply not a cool look.

One thought on “Strength Training is the new sex tape……

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