Plastic surgery accusation- BEST compliment EVER!!!!!!……..


Last night, while waiting at the customer service counter to exchange a printer at Office Max, another woman came in , walked directly in front of me and demanded that the man behind the counter help her refund all the purchases she made the day before and buy it back with her coupons she had just found in her purse.

OOOOOKKKKKAAAAYYYYY…..normally I would have informed her that she is cutting the line but because I had already asked the manager to go in the back to find the replacement printer, so I just kept my mouth shut.


After a few minutes, the woman  demanding the refund became inpatient and rude to the salesperson and demanded someone else come to help her. When she was told that there was no one else on duty and the employee was manning the phones and the counter, (not to mention holding his stapler)  the woman got even angrier and ordered the employee to hurry because she was “In a RUSH!!”

Now, I try and stay out of other peoples business as it often just leads to no good and unnecessary DRAMA , but being that I was still waiting for the manager I felt the need to let the woman know that she need not be so impatient with the employee- clearly he was doing the best he could given the circumstances of having to work the store solo.

The woman then barked at me and balled me out to mind my own business.

Challenge Accepted!!!

I then retorted back that I was simply pointing out she need not blame the overworked cashier.

At which point the woman SNAPPED what she thought was an INSULT at  me : “ Why don’t you just get some more BOTOX!!!”

Immediately, I dropped the frown from my face and suddenly became …..ELATED!!!!

As you know, I have been struggling with the idea that I am AGING  and every day I count my new wrinkles, so to think that this woman suggested that I had BOTOX when I haven’t (yet so desperately want, but am afraid to) —– well, OMG – I could not be HAPPIER!

It was comparable to someone calling an obese person “Anorexic” .

And just like that, I was the happiest little camper around.

The BEST part of it all was JUST AT THAT MOMENT –  I realized that I hadn’t bought my printer at Office Max after all- and off I went to Office Depot.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes in life you are pulled – or inadvertently pull yourself into – unwarranted DRAMA.

Look at the BRIGHT side and SMILE through the ANGER. You will accomplish two things:

1. You’ll immediately lighten up your mood and add a little softness to the world.

2. You’ll disguise the wrinkles surrounding your lips and get a NATURAL “Botox” facelift!!!

SMILE!!! ….. It works!!

Now for my 30 Day challengers….

I haven’t forgotten about you!

I had a little ripple in my month as you know and I am still on track to the road to ultimate FITNESS. (give or take a few late night pig outs- but nothing too damaging as  I get right back on track the day after!)

Stick with me and keep commenting and reporting in with questions and updates!
I am down 7 pounds but aim to lose 3 or 4 more…..the RIGHT way- by EATING A LOT of healthy foods and EXERCISING (with HEAVY weights) 30 minutes a day!!……stay tuned and have a great weekend!!!

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