PArty On Jeff, You will Be Missed…..

Two nights ago I was watching a rerun of Two and Half Men – (the ones that were actually WITTY and FUNNY  as opposed to the new episodes which I refer to as the Butchering of Ashton Kutcher) so it was the one where Emilio Estevez – Charlie Sheen’s real life brother – plays his old buddy who suddenly dies of heart failure while smoking a cigar reminiscing  about the good old days of excessive partying with Charlie.


It spurred Charlie into scrutinizing his own mortality and question his partying ways.

Yesterday I got a call from an old friend of my own – telling me the tragic news that a guy we used to PARTY with back in OUR youth had suddenly passed away. Our friend was just a few years older than us and although we had lost touch – had stopped his partying back when we ALL did. There was no health related issue and his death came as a shock to all who knew him.

Like Charlie, it made me think about my own mortality.

I certainly don’t need to question if i am partying too much- Lord knows I could USE a little MORE partying lately – given I am experiencing  the summer of the kidney stone- but it DID make me wonder just WHAT will I do each and every day I DO have LEFT to actually make an impact?

Dont get me wrong-  I could care less about about making an impression on the WORLD , but rather, to those who LOVE me (which is estimated at 3 people).

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes it takes a passing of someone JUST LIKE ourselves to remember just how blessed we are to have ANOTHER day on this Earth.

Make it COUNT. Whatever that means to YOU.

Jeff, may you rest in PEACE and Party on.

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