The Formula Is Simple: Deprivation!…..

Mayor Bloomberg has taken the term “ Nanny State” to an entirely NEW LEVEL….he is not only banning the sale of 16 ounce soda drinks to the HEFTY but now he is monitoring the drinking habits of NEWBORNS.

No new mother will be left behind when it comes to jumping on the breast feeding bandwagon. It seems FORMULA in hospitals will be under lock and key and only released to a new mother AFTER she gets a lecture on the benefits of breast feeding from the nurse who must sign a release prior to distributing a bottle.

I gotta hand it to him- he has certainly implemented a FINE TUNED plan to RULE THE WORLD of HEALTHY BEVERAGES.

Personally, I never breast fed and even when I TRIED to in the hospital (NYU no less- the very one he plans to implement the rule in first) the nurses were so DISCOURAGING and DETACHED about helping me – they simply could not be bothered- that I didn’t even try. That, and the fact that i did not take maternity leave so returning back to work the next day with a PUMP AND A MUSHY  BELLY simply was not an option.

My kids went straight to formula and if I had to do it all over again with this new rule in place I would muster up whatever strength i needed to break into the storage room and steal the formula myself.

But alas, I must give the man credit for his attempt at keeping people LEAN. Maybe he has something here after all?

Lesson Learned:

Start depriving supplemental beverages from INFANTS and  – wait for it – prevent OBESITY!!!!!

Makes sense right?
But why stop at newborns???…… maybe we should INTERVENE while babies are in the UTERUS?

Just say’in.

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