She knows TOO MUCH…I guess Ill HAVE to KEEP her…..

I got a call from a very dear OLD friend the other day- someone I haven’t spoken to in AGES. (My fault. Isn’t it always?)

She had some sad news to tell me about someone we knew back in the day. After the first 10 minutes of speaking about said friend, we caught up about our OWN lives – which took a total of about 13 minutes.

After I hung up i started to wonder why it was so EASY  to speak to her after all this time and how quickly we “GOT” each other. Our conversation was brief yet to THE POINT.

We spoke about the IMPORTANT things in our immediate lives :

Husbands, Kids, Home, Camp, School, Work. DONE!

I had to reflect about just how quickly it took to catch up on years worth of material in a few minutes and made me think about the value of a TRUE and OLD friend. It also made me think of those movies where they show the characters moving in fast forward speed of lightning and it’s supposed to represent time passing quickly. (I wanted to put a picture of leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley in the naked Gun on their beach date but believe it or not could not find one when I scrambled at 6;45am this morning).

History is important.

Unlike some of my NEW friends whom I speak to DAILY, she was the one who hung out  with me and my GRANDMOTHER  back in the 80‘s when we were in high school- (and believe me, BUBBY DID NOT hold back criticizing HER permed crimped BIG hairstyle and flashy neon clothing that we were convinced was just “RAD”).

I suppose the Lesson Learned here is such:

TRUE friends outlast the test of time – regardless of the fact that the majority of your life has passed you by – and how much the DAY to DAY has got you caught up…..The OLDIE but GOODIES are always there to know ALL your high school SECRETS (and hopefully take them to the GRAVE.)


Don’t judge a friend by how often you SPEAK to or SEE each other.

Cherish the few moments you get as you flash through the BLIP of this LIFE…..make them COUNT and know that the secrets that they hold are powerful enough to get you ARRESTED.

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