Fish Food Should be eaten for the Omega 3’s not the SELF ESTEEM….

Last night the cable box in the den was on the fritz and although the kids managed to find alternative things to do all rainy evening (like watch tv on their ipads instead) they still  wanted to watch a movie before bed … they chose an old DVD about a girl who befriended a Mermaid and spent the entire 2 hours (of torture for ME)  on a quest to find said mermaid TRUE LOVE so the poor fish wouldn’t be destined to a lifetime under the sea.  (Isn’t the grass ALWAYS greener?)

At the end of the movie, the mermaid tried to get the token cute blonde guy to love her back so she could prove that true love DOES exist, but alas, he was not smart enough to lie to her like most teenage horny boys would and admitted that no, he did NOT actually LOVE her. (It did not stop her from making out with him).

She then cried in typical girl fashion and ate a pint of FISH FOOD Ben and Jerry’s. But in the end, she DID manage to find true love….in the form of her two female friends who jumped into the ocean to save her.

Now, normally  i would have shut this type of female stereotyping  right off and tell my girls that you don’t need ice cream to IMPROVE your self worth. But I found the lesson in the end to be a powerful and FEMINIST one after all…..Just as I DO try and TEACH my girls on a daily basis- they DO NOT need BOYS to tell them they are special. My husband and I do a pretty good job of covering that – but the REAL lesson here is simple…..

Lesson Learned:

Teach your kids to have SELF CONFIDENCE and believe in THEMSELVES to prove to the world that they are SPECIAL.

Don’t rely on a BOY, or another GIRL for that matter, to make or break your OWN feeling of self WORTH. After all, its about what YOU think of yourself, not anyone else.

If YOU think you’re HOT – or NOT –  …You’re Still right!!

Love this guy:

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