You Don’t Know Your SMART thats what makes you DUMB….

There’s a woman who works in the office across from mine who is Tall, Leggy, Blonde and Skinny.

Yes, we all HATE her.

But the real reason she triggers a negative thought in my mind is her tendency to start sentences – multiple times throughout the day – with:

“Im so stupid because……(fill in blank with a dumb story of something she did)

OR :

“ I’m such an idiot! – I just (fill in blank with something she did)….”

In other words she continues to berate her self worth with statements that CONFIRM everyone’s suspicion that  she is simply a stereotypical DUMB BLONDE.

She may have graduated from Harvard for all I know but I only think of her as “such an idiot” – simply  because SHE tells me she is.

The single most important lesson I teach my girls is such:

Always praise yourself for your own accomplishments. No one else in this world is going to do it for you.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER disparage yourself or speak negatively about your own intelligence.

The song I hate the most on the radio right now is

“You Don’t Know you’re beautiful” by ONE DIRECTION.

A catchy tune, yes, but words like “you don’t know you’re beautiful thats what makes you beautiful”…..Well, Whatever boys.

I know I’m beautiful and i don’t need you to tell me I am to believe it’s true.

Lesson Learned:

It’s OK to toot your own horn – in good taste- not to say its OK to be a braggart, but Definitely NEVER OK to be self critical.

Be confident BLONDIE! You’ve got the full package that most people would envy – why don’t you USE it???

and now for your further entertainment:

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