Teach your children well, they may actually learn…..

Yesterday I was rushing the kids out of the house – (I often take them early with me to my 30 minute interval training class prior to dropping them off at camp nearby).

As usual we were running late and being that I only have 30 minutes to work out  as it is, I got a little frustrated with the lack of “ME TIME” and declared in my most determined mommy voice  that I was REALLY looking forward to school starting – so that I can FINALLY get to my class in time before I have to rush off to work. This time I followed up my preaching with:

“ I am having such a bad exercise SUMMER – my workouts have been so choppy and short!” (even though deep down I know that it has NOTHING to do with time, but rather, a MAJOR case of summer laziness)

Immediately after the words  came out of my mouth my eldest decided to REPEAT back to me the LESSON LEARNED I have spent my lifetime teaching them.

“Mommy you sound like Homer Simpson who always says things like:

‘ Marge, I’m so fat!!!!’  – and then in the same sentence says ‘ MMMmmmmmm donuts!!’….don’t you know that it’s up to YOU to make your workouts effective! No more TALKING just ACTION!!! It’s YOUR fault if you don’t push yourself HARDER! Stop COMPLAINING and just DO IT!!!!”

WOW. They are actually LISTENING to me!!!!

Who knew? (and why don’t they listen when I ask them to make their beds?)

Lesson Learned:

Be careful what you TEACH your kids because they may actually listen and TAKE your advice!

Admittedly, I was slightly annoyed that my 8 year old put me in my place so efficiently yet at the same time I was so very proud, I had no choice but to smile.

I went into the gym and pushed myself HARD – and finished the class in 19 minutes with my heart rate pumping at full max the entire time.

Felt good.

Enjoy your weekend. By the way we are starting a NEW challenge next week. It will be a little different than before – I’m tweaking it a bit based on whats been working and what hasn’t.

Stay tuned!

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