They’ll let you post ANYTHING these days wont they? (furniture anyone?)LOL

For years, my friends have made fun of the fact that I do not ever post pictures or personal information about my life on FB (or any other medium for that matter.)

While I do appreciate their interest in attempting to catch up with my life virtually, (and I do enjoy seeing THIER family’s postings and updates )  they know that the day will NEVER come where I post anything other than my BLOG  (and maybe some FURNITURE for SALE – Anyone? Anyone? Bueller???)…..


I can blame this virtual insecurity on working in the Internet Bubble back in the mid 90’s when Citibank was my client. One of my contacts there was in charge of credit card SECURITY and would tell me all kinds of horror stories of stolen identities -particularly in the internet medium.

Then in 2001, I became a victim of identity theft myself – when a 300 pound woman with dreadlocks went into a bank armed with a drivers license with MY name on it and tried to withdraw $5000 before the teller considered hmmm JUST MAYBE something smelled fishy. TO this day I am convinced it was in INSIDE JOB.

From there on out i swore off posting anything that could possibly lead to jeopardizing my PRIVACY. I don’t use GPS on my phone. (My kids get a kick out of asking Siri for the nearest pizza shops in Ireland)

I don’t respond to well meaning strangers who ask my kids what school they go to – even if it is just the sweet looking old man behind me in line at Publix trying to make small talk. I most definitely don’t disclose what restaurant I’m currently eating at or what airport i just landed in… paranoid thought process believes that it just leads BoogieMen to know I’m out for the evening or on a trip and its an opportune time to come rob me.

(Not that i have much stuff left to steal considering most of it got ruined in the flood from the dripping air conditioner- but hey its the PRINCIPAL behind it -right? That – and the waitress I pissed off the last time by making so many requests for condiments “on the side” I fear she will come back to the restaurant Im in JUST to spit in my food.)

I admit, sometimes I envy my friends who so freely post isntagrams of their kids frolicking in the ocean or sharing cocktails with their friends at the trendy restaurants.

I figure, my life is now Beach and frolicking in the ocean ALL year round so why bother posting about it?

So, just when I thought I have lost EVEN MORE of my Marbles….. I read an article  yesterday about how Michael Dell spends $2.7 million a year on his security budget and with just a few simple clicks of the thumbs his 18 year old daughter blows it all away by posting their location on FB and sharing their whereabouts with a Tweet.

Well, if Michael Dell’s iron clad security team can be compromised by the click of a finger, I’m certainly not taking any chances.

Lesson Learned:

You dont need a bodyguard to protect yourself from the SOCIAL MEDIA world as we know it….Just post LIES 🙂



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