School Starts today – Let’s go Swimming!…..

School starts today and I am amazed at just HOW excited my kids are about going back. (Seriously).

They had an incredible summer yet they missed their friends AND THIER TEACHERS so much that they actually LOOKED FORWARD to summer vacation ending and school to begin. (I know. Crazy.)

I have to say, I can not relate on ANY level – as I absolutely hated the feeling of going back to school when I was a kid.

Summer was heaven in Chicago – a 2 month break from the cold – and going back to school meant an immediate shift in the weather from tank tops to windbreakers (no cool “Members Only” jacket for me…..mine was a pink Jordache jacket from TJ Maxx – as my parents worked for the Chicago Board of Education which seemed to ALWAYS GO on STRIKE the week before back to school shopping) hence, the name Jordana soon became known as “Jordache”.

Summer vacation officially came to an end when the community pool closed for the season after labor day. My parents would throw the Labor Day BBQ at our house and all the distant relatives would show up in their Chevy Station wagons with inedible looking Potato Salad and a 6 pack  of TAB.

My  mean annoying Aunt would ask me a 100 irrelevant questions about school – a subject I was trying NOT to think about on my last weekend of freedom and my weird second cousin would always ask to play with my Barbies even though I made it clear I wanted to be left alone to watch Star Search.

First Day of School meant an end to FUN. I would WALK to school carrying my BIG Backpack stuffed with all my school supplies – which was heavy enough – but the wind was so strong in my face that I would have to brace myself from being blown over and walk bent over horizontally.

SO it was my absolute PLEASURE this morning, when my kids got out of bed THEMSELVES – adrenalized to start their FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. (I know. Crazy.Love it.)

Best part about it is – the pool is still open.

Enjoy the rest of your summer East Coast friends !

Welcome back to school Floridian friends!

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