Swim Diana Swim!….Hope to see you in Delray Beach soon….

On Saturdays I enjoy swimming laps at the club pool.

53 lengths is a mile yet the OCD in me causes me to either do 52 or 54.

Every week I get into the water and am greeted by my two pals: Sid and David, ages 81 and 84 respectively.

They rarely miss a day of WALKING back and forth in the pool. This takes vigorous effort on their part, due to their arthritis,  yet they venture into the water no matter what ails them that day.

As I do the crawl stroke across to each end I watch underneath the water as their feet and lower legs strut slowly next to me and it encourages me to keep going.

So when I read about Diana Nyad, the 62 year old woman (whom incidentally is going to turn 63 this week- a VIRGO like myself- which makes me wonder HOW the HELL she can get  into shark infested waters? I am not sure but I THINK that’s against the Virgonian rules?) – attempting to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, it made me think of two things:

  1. My friends David and Sid – who’s wrinkly feet keep ME motivated to continue swimming DESPITE how pruney my fingers get (Oh the pain We athletes endure!) – similar to the way Diana’s team

    follow her along on a boat and peel off the jelly fish – despite how many times they sting her PER SECOND (Oh the pain We athletes endure!)


  1. There have been approximately 5 shark sightings in the COLD waters of the Hamptons and Fire Island so far this summer. (which I suppose makes it a good thing everyone in the HAmptons  is so SELF CONSUMED with being  SKINNY and LEAN).

I am obsessed with sharks as it is, and watched every episode of shark week this month.

So it goes without saying that Diana is not only ambitious in her endeavor to break the open water swimming record, regardless of storms that throw her off course and man of war BITES that swell her eyelids to the size of melons, but attempting to swim in the GULF – the WARM waters and HOME of all underworld PREDATORS – well, that just makes her THE BRAVEST woman in the world according to ME.

Lesson Learned:

It doesn’t matter what your AGE (DID I mention my birthday is coming up this week?) or what your limitations (DId I mention how pruney my fingers get in the chlorine?)

Set out to accomplish a GOAL – even if it takes multiple efforts to do so – if you keep at it – the way Sid and David do on a daily basis – you may just find out you actually CAN accomplish it.

I’m rooting for Diana and hope to see her swim by me soon – on the Beaches of Delray…..sans the SHARKS.

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