Make Sure He’s OLD and Rich If he Hits You……

Yesterday, when my husband was driving to work, an older man driving a BMW (we’ll get to that) came out of nowhere from the lane next to him and crashed directly into his car. (Apparently he forgot you can’t turn RIGHT from the LEFT lane).

Luckily, there was a witness, who also happened to be Hispanic (We’ll get tot that) , and he told my husband he saw the entire incident and can attest that it was definitely the fault of the other driver, but when my husband asked him  whether he would be willing to testify to that to the police, the Hispanic man simply said: “No, I’m not legal”. and walked away.

Go figure.

As you know, I am absolutely and probably unjustifiably TERRIFIED of sharks and I’ve written about my anxiety of entering the ocean many times (sorry Diana- I rooted for you – but if you had to be dragged out of the water 15 miles from Key West- couldn’t you at least have a FEW shark bites to tell me about?? ) but  now I feel compelled to share with you my NEWEST and latest anxiety……

Driving in Florida.

For the most part, its an aging population and where better to age than a sunny, beautiful , warm -all- year -round -climate like Florida? (With the exception of a few Hurricanes here and there…..Oy vey I need to travel this weekend JUST as the Hurricane is expected to pass through South Florida….here’s hoping I don’t develop yet ANOTHER anxiety  —    FEAR of FLYING! ).

But with age comes forgetfulness and loss of agility and coordination (which makes it oh so much easier to steer into another car) hence, auto insurance here is as expensive as a down payment for a house.

Lesson Learned:

If you’re going to get into an accident it should be with a RICH OLD man –

1. most likely less impact because he will be driving SO SLOWLY

2. most likely he will be so afraid of losing his license if you report it to his insurance company – he will most always pay the damages right away in CASH.

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