It takes a lot of LUCK to walk in Heels….

Yesterday I wrote about all my groundless fears and my ultimate suggestions for HOW I might actually GO one day (Vs. the ANXIETY  of  worrying about uncommon happenstances) that when I read an article in the Post about a beautiful young woman – a socialite no less- who had  a bit too much to drink and tripped on her 6” heels and fell down a flight of stairs to her untimely DEATH – well, I simply could not pass up the opportunity to write about it.

You see, tripping on MY high heels is yet ANOTHER fear of mine- only this one is NOT unjustified. And it’s happened time and time again.

I am a 100% CLUTZ and bump into walls that have been there forever. I trip on furniture that I placed myself and break toes in the middle of the night while walking just steps away to the bathroom.

It takes skill

Yes, I am the ULTIMATE DINGEY (which is also my husband’s pet name for me).

So the article triggered a thought process that led me to this simple conclusion:

IF – God forbid of course- I DO happen to GO one day by TRIPPING or FALLING…..well, it is specified in my WILL to LIE about it. The official Death Certificate will say something MUCH cooler like:

“Skydiving in Australia “ or “Bungee jumping in New Zealand”

…..but most DEFINITELY will NOT say :

“ She lived a long and happy life but her feet were just too BIG and UNCOORDINATED to make it down the stairs”.

My grandmother always used to tell me : “Take care of tour FEET and your TEETH – they have to be with you the rest of your life”.

I didn’t quite understand that logic – and nowadays they offer veneers and all kinds of dental options for a Hollywood smile (although I proudly admit I have never had a cavity and the gap in between my teeth is ALL NATUR-EL) . But FEET are a different story.

Lesson Learned:

In life there are many dangers and circumstances we can NOT control.

At the very least, make an effort to wear SHOES that support you.  Bubbie was RIGHT. Feet have to be with you the rest of your life- OR they may ultimately be the ENDING of it.

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