Back to Labor…..

Every once in a while i peruse Facebook and the various status updates that pop up.

Most are from acquaintances or friends of friend’s friend’s that i somehow got linked to or friended accidentally ( I MUST remember to stop drunk Friending) but truly enjoy reading their posts. I find the most amusing and entertaining updates are from those “friends” I don’t know.

Yesterday in particular, I noticed an IMMENSE amount of BEACH pictures…. Labor Day BBQs and last hurrah Pool parties.

It reminded me of the good old days : single in the City when my friends and I would stuff ourselves into a small room in someone’s Hamptons house or crash a Gay friends friend of a friend’s friend’s friend’s  Fire Island house party. At the time, we would do ANYTHING for a pool and a tennis court on a summer weekend with ALCOHOL.

So when I found myself at my friends house yesterday enjoying BBQ fare and drinking a Bud light with lime (ok, 2 Bud lights, maybe 3 -may have lost track – hence why i have so many FB “friends”)  I  had to reflect on just how DIFFERENT it is to be in a state where summer doesn’t really ever END.

Labor Day was always a symbolic closure  to summer for me, yet NOW I can go to the beach and swim in the pool NEXT weekend and the weekend after  for – well, the YEAR round. Weather here doesn’t really change. …a little less humid a little more rain. A little sunnier a little windier. (Considering my wedding in Chicago in the month of MAY was so cold that out of town guests had to buy winter jackets- I am certainly NOT COMPLAINING )

It made me wonder if the change of seasons (or lack thereof) will ever really hit home that I won’t have the opportunity to jump in a pile of  leaves or make snow angels and forts. Then I remembered the annual case of Bronchitis , the Ray Nodes Diseased Fingertips, the constant runny noses and Black Outs from Trees falling on Power Lines when it drizzled.

So just as I was leaving my friends BBQ and saying my good byes, I had to admit that it felt like ANY other weekend of my life here in Florida – and well, it felt pretty darn GOOD not to have the PRESSURE of making a LAST HURRAH or BIG DEAL about the closure of summers end. And with that, I had one more Bud Light and left wit ha smile.

Hope you enjoyed your summer !

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