Swim Yourself into Retirement….



Yesterday was the commencement of swim team practice after the summer off for the kids.

Lesson Learned (EARLY on in the blog):

NEVER allow for an ENTIRE summer OFF from ANYTHING.

As it is, getting back into the routine of waking up early for school is difficult enough of an adjustment, let alone the discipline of swimming laps for an hour straight – (then coming home and sitting still long enough to do homework…Seriously, I was wishing I had stolen my father in law’s RX for Xanax while i had the chance to last week while snooping in his medicine cabinet for dental floss.)

But what was Amazing ( and admittedly surprising) to me was the way my kids got RIGHT BACK into the pool and ACED their swim tests without a trace of rustiness or complaint.

I suppose when you put your mind to something you can achieve that goal without the slightest waiver. (That and that fact that I threatened to take away their IPADS  if they DIDN’T get right into the pool).

So when I read Page Six of the NY Post I could not help but being intrigued by the gossip about Michael Phelps partying it up in Las Vegas at his “retirement” party.

How awesome must it be to RETIRE at the age of 27. TWENTY SEVEN!! ( I can not relate on ANY level. I was traveling around Spain with a Devil Worshiper with a backpack and two shekels in my pocket in MY 20’s. )

I had no choice but to discuss this ACHIEVEMENT with my girls….the notion of  having the ability to RETIRE as an Olympic WINNER at such a YOUNG age just from sheer WILL, DETERMINATION, PRACTICE. WOW.

Second Lesson learned:

Practice makes perfect and perfect makes MONEY.

Even if you’re a bit RUSTY and out of shape- there is NO EXCUSE not to TRY and PUSH YOURSELF to just accomplish the basic movements OF SUCCESS.

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