Time to work the muscles….

In reference to my blog yesterday about going back in the water after an entire summer off and how my kids (were FORCED and Had NO CHOICE but to) get right back on track after let’s just say a summer of relaxation….
I am continuing with the theme of taking time off …..only I am applying it to my MUSCLES.
Recently,  a friend of mine told me about a new trainer she hired whom used to compete in the Arnold ( for those of you who do not read Oxygen Magazine as though it were US Weekly the way I do – you may not get the reference  – but just know that it’s named after Sir Schwarzenegger himself and well you can only imagine what these women look like. ( Yes. They look like men) but I say that in the most admirable way as I envy the way they take body building seriously.

So when I tried working out with my friend’s trainer I could not help thinking that she was very OLD SCHOOL…..Very BACK TO BASICS with machines and heavy weights and

…….I LOVED it.
She kept trying to SLOW me down because I am so used to my HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and fast paced workout completed for time that it was almost agony for me to WALK between sets. It also took me the entire hour session to understand i am WORKING out just as effectively as I do in 30 minutes.
But what was most enlightening, was how I realized I am not working out my muscles to failure to the point where I not only felt the pain two days later but for the ENTIRE WEEK after.

But with that PAIN came aggravation that I could not get dressed without striking shooting throbbing AGONY through my arms and it reminded me exactly WHY i do not compete in the Arnold.

Oh, yeah, and this too…..

So in lieu of continuing with the torture I made the decision to learn from my mistake of letting my MUSCLES go an entire sumer OFF from work(ing out) and with that I decided to TRY a DIFFERENT exercise program….one that would challenge me in a NEW way.

not an hour long OLD SCHOOL training session, but a DIFFERENT HIIT workout routine. Same concept just hopefully different results.

Fresh start for the week after  Labor Day – and who knows? perhaps I will go back to the old routine at some point but for now something FRESH seems just as enticing.

Lesson Learned:

When we allow ourselves to go into auto drive -be it our bodies , our minds, our routines….whatever- we often find that the SLIGHTEST CHANGE can do a person good.

Try something NEW today. it cant hurt (or maybe it WILL- and that’s not so bad either).

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