If you Knew your time is up…would you call me?….

An old friend of mine called me yesterday to see how I was doing. And by old, I mean he’s in his late 80’s.

i have blogged about him before, as he has had a significant presence in my life.

He worked in the office next to mine when i first started my Life Settlements Brokerage business back in 2002. He was the first person I told I was pregnant with my now almost 7 year old, as he was the only one I allowed to witness me inhale 2 bagel and cream cheese sandwiches before 8 AM and 2 packs of M&M’s before my morning meetings.

Back then I was building what would become a HUGE brokerage business and he was my BIGGEST cheerleader …..encouraging me throughout various sleepless nights fueled by Scotch and Xanax during contract and negation phases of pioneering an industry.

He ALWAYS believed in ME and my abilities to succeed.

As much has he is getting on in age, he hasn’t missed a day of work and continues to close major multimillion dollar deals. He is, and has always been,  a successful business man whom I look up to.

This time, however, his voice seemed just a little OFF.

After a little pushing I got him to confide that he is not doing well.

He has stage 4 Melanoma.

The word Melanoma is never a good thing.

My mother in law passed away from Melanoma.

My sister in law’s brother passed away from Melanoma.

I am beyond sun screen crazy because of it.

I had nothing to say.

Only after I hung up  did it occur to me that his call was for the sole purpose of saying : “GOODBYE”

It made me think about the concept – or blessing- of a  lifespan.

Lesson Learned:

A question this time: If you KNOW your time is up- would you go around contacting those who’ve made an impact on your life or causes some significance difference or would you just LIVE each and every day you have left to the FULLEST as if it were just any normal day of routine?

I suppose it’s all in the same.

Please take on this New Year in Health and Happiness and understand that EACH and EVERY day is a BLESSING.

Happy New Year to my jewish friends and have a great weekend to all!

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