The Rabbi Called, He wants you to be NICE……

I wasn’t planning to blog this week because i am busy cramming for a big Financial Services Securities Law exam but something happened over the High Holiday’s that compelled me to post.

No, it was not a call from the Rabbi asking me why I did not show up to services until 11:00 A.M. (O.K., 11:30AM)

Nor was it an epiphany from the Good Lord above reminding me to be a better person (although THAT would certainly be post-worthy AND justified).


No, it was a call from my MOTHER  –  someone whom just a few years ago I was not talking to for some dumb reason or another – and have recently become quite close in our own Dysfunctional way. ( I suppose we both decided it’s cheaper than the YEARS of therapy it would take otherwise, besides we both are just too LAZY to keep fighting).

Ever since my father passed away last year, my mother and I have gone from not speaking at all to talking almost daily.

This time, however, her call was about her friends children – a son and a daughter in law- who were walking (In NJ) with their young child over the holiday and were stricken by an out of control  driver. Both the son and the daughter in law were killed and the grandchild is in critical condition….now an orphan.

There really is NOTHING to say to comfort these friends.

They already lost a son years ago – also  taken too early by a CAR accident.

Now, you KNOW I have MANY Anxieties and Fears…..FLORIDA drivers being one of them.

But when something so TRAGIC happens so INSTANTLY it makes the world’s HEART stop beating for a second.

It also teaches me a good lesson:

Lesson Learned:

We all know LIFE flies by in a flash and for the most part out of our CONTROL.

Why not take what IS in our control and make the BEST of it?

I’m glad my mom and I are speaking again and I only regret it had to take the passing of my father- the one person who HATED the most that we fought – to make good.

Life really IS Short. Don’t let the little things DRIVE you CRAZY. There are plenty of CRAZY DRIVERS out there that are willing to do that for you.

Make up. Be friends. Be Nice. If you think I’m talking to YOU then I probably AM.

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