New Tire with change for a Spare…..

The weather is shifting here in Florida and a nice breeze is in the air … the other night I actually rolled down my window for the first time since Summer heat ….lo and behold,  I heard the dreaded HUMMMM of a flat tire so I pulled over  for a quick inspection (what I thought I could possibly do about a flat by myself I have no idea- but out I went anyway to investigate the matter).

Turns out it wasn’t flat – YET- but a huge BOLT was jammed in the rear drivers side tire and I could FEEL the air leaking out…..what to do? Ignore it and hope it goes away? So I did.

Well, it didn’t.  So I took it into the Dealer and apparently it wasn’t able to be patched (- so they claimed -)  and the tire needed to be replaced altogether (-so they claimed-) . I was due for an oil change anyway (actually, about 11,000 miles PAST due)  So I left it there for a Full Service Inspection.

A few minutes later they called me to say that not only did it need a new tire but also ALL the AIR FILTERS needed to be replaced, and the tires needed “Rotation” ….All for the “Special” Dealer price of : $559 + Tax

Now I know this is South Florida  – Land of Fraud and Honey- but this chick lived in Manhattan for two decades and although there was a point the minute I started college when I enjoyed playing Three Card Monty with the street Hustlers (never won …go figure?) and I admit I naively rode the subways home at 4 A.M. with girlfriends after a night of drinking (Although I am hearing more and more that Subways are SAFER than Central Park at 11:00AM these days) – but I certainly have learned many lessons SINCE –  and paying more than $300 for a tire and an additional $160 for tire rotation….well, just seemed to be a RIP OFF.

So I quickly Googled the nearest Jiffy Lube and within 20 seconds got another estimate and therefore negotiated a better price at the Dealer for the new tire and threw in a car wash while I was at it. (OK, OK, that part was always included).

Which made me think about TWO things…..

  1. What did we do before Google and Smart Phones – where we now have the ability to quickly and easily look up the nearest GoodYear and get an immediate quote for a new tire and schedule a mani/pedi while you wait…and

2. Why do tires need ROTATING anyway?…. Isn’t that what they are DESIGNED to DO – like their SOLE FUNCTION – ANY and ALL the time you’re DRIVING????

Look, I Can’t say I blame the Dealer for trying to scam me out of more than a simple oil change and tire repair – its a tough economy- people do what they can to make a living – but – and I suppose this a good

Lesson Learned:

Just because someone TELLS you something doesn’t mean you need to accept it as GOSPEL.

Do your research and you may just save enough money for a car wash and and a mani / pedi.

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