Sugar Sugar , Honey Honey, Boo Boo…..

How have we not discussed Honey Boo Boo Child yet?

Seriously, this little girl is my new obsession (not that I’ve actually watched an entire episode of her show but I have caught a few YouTube clips of South Park where Cartman and Honey Boo Boo wrestle in some skettie (….seems sufficient for me to get the idea of what it’s all about).

But back to the topic at hand…..

If you have not seen, nor heard of this show, please click this link to review a brief, yet EPIC, glance of what it entails…..

Now before you go run to send this cute little pageant princess checks to help fund her glitzy lifestyle (as we are informed, her mama is on a tight budget and has to go ALL THE WAY to the town auction to buy her Twinkies) you must first know that this child is far from needy.

If I am to believe what I read on the internet (of course I do, it’s in writing isn’t it?) she not only makes a whopping $4000 per episode (compared to the equally High rated earnings of the Kardashians $40,000 per episode), but also has secured many major endorsement deals. (I heard that her Mama has been offered a deal by Kleenex to be their spokesperson for their new redneck line exclusive to Walmart and I am also pretty sure that Mayor Bloomberg has reached out to them to be the face of his Anti Sugar campaign, or was that his Bottle  Feeding makes your child dumb Crusade? Can’t keep up. )

So let’s go into this weekend with a short Lesson Learned:

Sometimes a Pig, a Pageant and a meal of Spaghetti and Butter can be the easiest yet happiest moments of ones life.

Enjoy the simple things.

Have a great weekend!

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