Call the Therapist, my kids are collecting……..

The other day I decided to sort through some of my boxes I had brought out of storage from when we moved a year ago .

Among other things tucked away in a corner in the masses of cardboard that looked like it could be the set of “Raiders of The Lost Ark”  was labeled :  “Electronics” .

Out of curiosity,  I opened it and realized that I had absent mindedly packed some items that are now obsolete, such as old Digital Cameras bought in anticipation to each child birth  and a Video Camera purchased prior to my honeymoon 11 years ago – Tripod and all.

I put them in a pile to throw away when my kids started picking them up and playing with them – fascinated by the large bulky batteries and old portable DVD players.

You would have thought I had just brought home a puppy the way they reacted to this outdated technology – they BEGGED me to let them keep these antiquated items to play with.

Now, you must understand a few things about me to appreciate why it was SO DIFFICULT for me to Agree.

You see, I am a product of a PACK RAT mother and a FRUGAL father who would not throw ANYTHING away.  Together they created the perfect storm of HOARDERS Gone Wild.

They also created years of anxiety every time I received a “collectible” gift.

My kids know me so well that the minute they bring home a school project they worked so hard on – they show it to me, then wait for me to tell them how “Amazing!!!”  it is- then -without a second’s hesitation- THEY throw it in the garbage THEMSELVES.

You see, I HATE clutter.

I am known to clear the table WHILE people are STILL  eating.

I sweep the floors as a hobby, throw things out without abandon,  and I absolutely HATE OLD junk.

My husband LOVES to goad me by refusing to donate some of his sweaters from the 80’s – he claims they will come back in style one day. (Only they were NEVER IN style so not sure how that’s possible).  Every once in a while he brings one out just to annoy me – at which point I greet him as Dr Huxtable and walk away.

Lesson Learned:

Like the toddlers who prefer to play with the BOX instead of the TOY that came in it, THINGS are just THINGS and they are only what you make of them…..(which, in my opinion , should be garbage).

Sometimes what’s OLD is better than NEW….. It’s simply how you package it .


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