Sometimes it’s Better to Keep your mouth SHUT and dust off the pretzels…..

The other day a friend of mine invited me to join her and her best girlfriends for a night out.

Being that she is a NEW friend of mine (albeit a close one, considering we just me this year) I still felt reticent about joining her crew of BESTIES that she had been long life friends with- for cocktails and bonding.

So what did i do? …. I TOLD her so.

I suppose that’s the cardinal mistake I make all through my life…..I speak too HONESTLY and answer too QUICKLY.

My husband is a great LISTENER.

He has taught me the importance of keeping your MOUTH SHUT in business meetings and to pay ATTENTION to what EVERYONE ELSE  is saying. By doing so, you can learn so much and really pinpoint the needs and objectives of those around you to ultimately come up with the winning solutions and sound like a GENIUS….. All from the simple detail of :


But when It comes to my social life, I often find myself in a position where I am too OPEN and HONEST about what I REALLY think and sometimes its misinterpreted as, well, ….. OBNOXIOUS.

In the case of my new friend (and “bestie”) and her dinner invitation, she seemed to know this HABIT of mine and simply replied :

” You’re such a BITCH!!”

…..but in a loving way that reaffirmed the very reason I adore her.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes it’s better  to just stay SILENT and SMILE instead of being a know it all….

Like last night, when my daughter was in the pool during swim team and I was charged with the task of holding her pretzels for her and accidentally dropped them all over the pavement so I quickly swept them up with my fingers, brushed off the shmootz,  and put them back in the bag and handed them to her after her practice.

When she told me they tasted funny I simply KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!

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