Ill show you my diet if you show me yours…..

I’m used to hearing girls speak about weight and dieting but yesterday was a first for me….

I had gone to pick up my kids from school and on our way out of the building, because the weather was so perfect –  as it has been for weeks now ( yeah, I went there my East Coast friends – I went there) – we decided to stay and play in the playground and do homework in the park.

While watching the girls run around I overheard a group of middle school KIDS talking about FOOD.

At first I thought they were discussing yesterday’s lunch menu but after a few minutes of extremely conspicuous eavesdropping, I learned that they were not only health conscious but a little TOO conscious of their own waist lines.

But here’s the clincher: They were BOYS.

Now mind you, these boys were not on the WRESTLING team nor were they OVERWEIGHT, they were simply discussing – well, ……GIRL STUFF ( – she said, well aware of just how SHAMEFUL she sounded).

I suppose it shouldn’t be shocking to know that BOYS too can be mindful of their figures – similar to the way girls are – After all, HALF my Gym Class is MALE and less than 10% body fat (she said with pure ENVY).

But at such a YOUNG age is what surprised me – Which is also terrible that I’m NO LONGER surprised when I hear GIRLS that YOUNG discuss dieting- since it’s all around us as a society and I suppose the alternative is no better – that of the ever growing obesity issue – (Which I suppose is a good thing because otherwise what else would Michelle Obama do all day? )

But all the “HEALTH” talk needs to be within REASON as long as it doesn’t get too obsessive and all encompassing.

Lesson Learned:

Boys will be Boys.

…..Only nowadays you can share Gluten Free recipe secrets.

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