Don’t Drop the Remote……

Every once in a while a crisis occurs in our house that requires immediate attention.

Such a calamity occurred yesterday at 5:00 AM when  my husband woke up to exercise before work:

The TV in our room would NOT TURN ON.

Of course the first thing he did was WAKE ME up in such an URGENT and DESPERATE manner that I initially thought someone had died, but immediately nixed that notion because I knew if that were the case he would not have been quite THIS Distraught.

After several attempts at unplugging and plugging, followed by rebooting and booting, not to mention a few Fonzi type punches to the cable box, we realized the TV was – it’s still hard for me to say it: – BROKEN-  and something had to be done….STAT!

Now I have lived with this man for some time and have come to learn what MATTERS and what doesn’t and I’d say it was about a year into our marriage when I learned the HARD way that HIS TV MATTERS.  You see, I had accidentally  LOST the REMOTE ( I made the bed and didnt realize it was still under the covers which I often do with things – sometimes I get into bed at night and find the earring that had been missing for years or the Right sock that I had already thrown out the Left one becuase the pair was no longer matching.) so when I lost the remote – he did what any other sane man would do – he called for a CODE RED!!

To this day, when the kids take the remote out of the room for a MINUTE he calls for a complete LOCKDOWN.

But never in all my years of marriage did I experience quite a sense of acute desperation which was confirmed when he asked if I could LEAVE WORK EARLY to have it repaired. (I didn’t even take maternity leave when I had my kids so when he asked me to actually STAY HOME and wait for a repairman, well, I just knew this was SERIOUS.)

And similar to childbirth, an exorbitant  amount of $$$$$$and 7 minutes of labor later, all was settled and back to normal.

Our marriage had been restored.

Lesson Learned :

Sometimes it’s easier to go along with other people’s version of catastrophe and just take it in stride. One day something that matters to YOU might break or come up missing and the gravity of the situation will seem well, relatively NOMINAL.

Enjoy your Day!

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