It’s Gonna Rain!!!……

It seems my East Coast friends are experiencing what we in the Hurricane state refer to as NORMAL weather….anticipating a category one HURRICANE.

Well, its been a year now that we moved to Florida and I must say we have been fortunate not to have to have pulled the shutters closed or actually utilized our stock of extra batteries (except when the vibrator breaks down but that’s a different category One altogether…. OMG kidding to all my PRUDE friends.)

The waves at the beach yesterday were out of control insane but really cool to watch.

I suppose we got a lucky break THIS time that the storm passed us and went straight to my friends (and hopefully ENEMIES) in NJ

I don’t envy my East coast friends at this moment and i am definitely wishing them SAFE thoughts but i must admit that i cant help thinking of my first house in Englewood that is definitely in Kansas with Dorothy and the TIN MAN by now. IF only he had a Heart.

I had to laugh out loud when reading some of the Facebook posts last night of those anticipating the storm….

some were putting away their Halloween decorations and canceling their parties and calling it the “ WORST DAY EVER” which led me to think they lead a very BLESSED life if canceling a Halloween party is the WORST thing that is happening to them.

Lesson Learned:

When you are DRY and SAFE and with your FAMILY you should appreciate all you have and count your BLESSINGS

It’s easy to say things like “my life sucks because my party was canceled “ but the BIGGER picture says otherwise:

Your life is GOOD. Very GOOD.

Enjoy the Day off.

FYI to those of you have been following my blog for years,  you know i am a big fan of the “30 Day Challenge” so beginning November 1 i am commencing another 30  day challenge – woo hoo!

Beware: this one is slightly different than before!!!

Stay tuned

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