Trick Or Treat- so MANY OLD contacts to call!……

For the past few weeks I have been having problems with my iphone (mind you, the very same one I bought just 3 months ago – which just confirms what my husband is always telling me- that i am , among other things, a TECHNOLOGY KILLER).

The screen would freeze every so often and became ever more annoying as the  freezing became more persistent.

So I finally called Apple Support to see what – if anything – I could do about said freezing problem.

After almost 20 minutes on hold, they informed me that i would have to restore my device by first backing it up to itunes. (Something i haven’t done in – well, EVER– ) so, being the Tech Dingy that i am, I had them stay on the phone with me to walk me though step by step exactly how to do that.

Yes, like a 3 year old. Only, a 3 year old these days knows how to use an iPhone better than I do.

Once I backed everything up – correctly- just as they outlined – I reinstated the phone and apparently emptied out every single remnant of anything pertaining to ME and MY LIFE ever existed on it. One minute I was verifying my location with my GPS and uploading proof of my existence with pictures to FB and the next minute Siri had No CLUE who I was. I felt so …………..DUMPED.

So when i tried to restore the backup BACK onto the phone- I got MORE than i expected.

The cloud, or – as i refer to it as : “The POWERS THAT BE ” – had reimposed EVERY SINGLE contact I have EVER had – EVER…….Clients from 1998, friends from 2002 (who have yet to make my Facebook page) plumbers and contractors from 2003, Nannies and Baby-Sitters from 2005.

Everyone EXCEPT my CURRENT contacts (like the new pest control guy who is due for a call or my favorite Sushi take out place whose name I can’t pronounce, let alone SPELL ).

But what really made me think about this entire ordeal was the APPRECIATION for my PAST that I got when I perused through the list of names. It was more like going down MEMORY LANE – and the thoughts and  feelings I had when I saw a name of someone I hadn’t spoken to in years. (Some,  admittedly,  were negative but for the most part, warm and fuzzy.)

Then I felt OLD. Really Really OLD.

Lesson Learned:

Life FLIES by. Enjoy every detail  of it – or – at the very least, as much as you can STORE in your iphone.

Tomorrow we commence our 30 Day Challenge! Enjoy your TRICK or TREATING today- because tomorrow  ALL Bets are ON!

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