Throw out the candy they destroy your TEETH (Then we will judge)…..

I had to go for a routine mammogram yesterday.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with medical offices in South Florida let’s just say they are very different than the colossal skyscrapers you see in Manhattan.

Basically, they are in small plaza shopping centers surrounded by Wendy’s and Liquor stores and the only way to find the one particular office you need is by putting on a blindfold and guessing.


You can stop four times to ask the ladies walking around in Nurses uniform during their lunch break.

(I chose the latter – only having momentarily forgotten that yesterday was ALSO Halloween and there were at least FOUR nurses – Two in fishnets and low cut halters and the third was a man in Drag.)

So when my GPS brought me  as close to my destination as possible, I decided to get out and walk given that it was a beautiful day.

I happened to be wearing 6 inch heels so I regretted my decision immediately and decided to just stop into one of the medical offices to ask someone inside.

Before I had a chance to read the sign on the door of exactly what KIND of medical office I had stumbled upon, I noticed that everyone in the waiting room seemed just a bit OFF.

Not one to Judge, given I can be a bit quirky myself, I proceeded to the front desk and made my inquiry.

The woman behind the glass screen however had other ideas and I suppose she was just too busy texting and chewing gum to bother to look up at me no matter how many times I continued to bang on the glass window to show her that I too, could be just as annoyed at her as she was at me.

Within seconds,  a man came up to me and introduced himself.

He had no teeth and his hair was matted like he hadn’t washed in months.

I couldn’t help noticing his trousers were eight inches too high as if he were expecting Hurricane Sandy to stop by his house which I surmised was a cardboard box.

Within minutes I realized I had entered an outpatient REHAB DRUG CENTER and I was surrounded by Jack Nicholson and Danny Devito

After my last attempt to get the nurses attention I decided to just leave before a large Indian had a chance to come  ask me if I wanted to jump out the window with him to escape.

As I was walking out the door the same man with matted hair STOPPED me.

I instinctively clutched my handbag and grabbed for my phone (who I thought I was going to call ? – I don’t know – but somehow it seemed the safe thing to do? Then i recalled that Siri has no idea who I am and most likely wouldnt save me.)

He then did something very SURPRISING…….

He gently opened the door for me and told me step by step how to get to my Dr.’s office, then he gave me his BEST TOOTHLESS SMILE and told me to have a BLESSED day.

As I left I could not help thinking that you really cant judge a person by their appearance.

Lesson Learned:

No matter how colorful the wrapping of your Halloween candy is, it is the CHOCOLATE NUGGET INSIDE that counts.

Don’t be so quick to judge others by their teeth – or lack thereof.

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