Don’t Fall For It…..It’s a TRICK not a TREAT….

I recently gave up drinking wine during the WORK week. For no other reason than trying to prove to my husband that I really  COULD do it.

You see, I have been drinking a glass of wine every night after work pretty much my entire adult life and it just became MY habit – MY thing – MY personal space – MY own indulgence ….and in turn, that was MY PROBLEM. I associated drinking wine as a TREAT.

Which made me wonder?…..After all these years have we learned NOTHING from Halloween????

Trick or treat is ALWAYS in actuality a TRICK!

When we TRICK ourselves into believing something to be Special- a “TREAT “- so to speak- we are quickly CONVINCED that we can’t do without it. We simply MUST have it.

So when the WORK week was finished early this WEDNESDAY due to Thanksgiving, it became clear to me that my husband knew what he was doing when he bet AGAINST me that I could not sustain my goal of sobriety any longer. (Good thing our bets always wage on Bedroom activity or i would be stone BROKE by now.)

Well, I admit, it has been challenging in the past to get through the  family Thanksgiving meal without a coping mechanism, but considering the dinner was called for 1:00 in the afternoon , I managed to get by.

But Friday night we were at a friends dinner PARTY and the alcohol was flowing….TOP SHELF and all kinds of imported wines from various vineyards… was like asking a kid in a candy store to please eat a carrot while everyone else is sucking down Lolly’s and Chocolate. That never worked in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory so Im not sure how i thought it would work there. OOmpa LOOmpas and all- the drinks were just SO tempting!

But I stood STRONG ( probably compensated a little too much with the dessert- SHHH-don’t tell my Gym Instructor-) but nevertheless, went to bed SOBER.

This morning will be a full WEEK without wine.

Some would argue that if I am still COUNTING the days – then I am NOT ready to give up my WINE addiction. I disagree.

I say: Count, Mark and “X” on the calendar, journal in your “Dear Diary”, wear a scarlet letter “A” for “Alchy”……DO whatever you gotta DO – if it WORKS for YOU.

Now this is not to say that I am giving up wine FOREVER (HUSH! With such blasphemy!) no, my dear worried friends, – my intention is to WIN the bet with my husband that i CAN go without it and take it or leave it when and where  the moment arises.

As for now, I am planning this week with NEW goals:

Go to bed early so I can feel energized when I wake up at 5:30AM, and try NOT to reach for the Xanax.

Lesson Learned:

Indulgences are JUST THAT : A way to INDULGE.

Don’t FOOL yourself into believing they are anything more SPECIAL. They are not “TREATS”.

Don’t Fall for the TRICK…….Learn from the past.

Its like the concept of going into the dark deserted woods with a small group of friends …..don’t we all know by watching all the HALLOWEEN HORROR flicks to  NEVER be accompanied by the TOKEN blonde girl with Big Boobs? (She’s ALWAYS the first to go and the loudest to scream).

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