The World as we know it is ALREADY over…..

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…….So says the Mayan calendar.

My good friend Diana would beg to differ ( – you can hear all about it on NBC’s New York Live on Dec 21, 2012 speaking on the “(NOT) End of the World” Channel 4, 12:30 PM Friday  ….SHAMELESS PLUG I know -Go D!!!) –

But in MY opinion, the World has ALREADY ended…..

At least the World as we KNOW IT…..

The WORLD where kids could play freely in their own back yards or down their block without having to worry about a a stranger lurking close by offering them candy and a comfy ride in the backseat of their van.

The WORLD where Rabbis and Priests were considered Pious and actually adhered to the meaning of the word “Religious” instead of hiding behind the privilege to use it for Abuse.

The WORLD where Coaches could be TRUSTED to MENTOR your child and a slap on the ass meant “Good job” on the field and ONLY that.

The WORLD where travel meant looking forward to visiting exotic locations and catching up on quick business deals instead of LONG lines in security and canceled flights due to airline bankruptcy.

The WORLD where shops were owned by mom and pops who knew your name when you went in to buy a carton of milk ( ok, ok, I slipped that one in even though THAT World has been over since before the time of “Madmen” but sounds nice anyways.)

But most definitely the WORLD as we know it ended this past Friday,  at approximately 9:30 AM when a lone troubled inhumane “troubled” man decided to take away 27 EARTH ANGELS and simultaneously KILLING a NATION in the same instant.

Tragedies happen every single day all around the WORLD.

Young lives are taken in all areas of war torn countries or populations where poverty, starvation and disease  runs rampant.

But never has a killing struck so many people so heavily through to their CORE as the one in CT on Friday morning in what’s supposed to be the safest place in the WORLD  for children:  SCHOOL.

I can almost guarantee I was not the only parent who gave their child an extra hug and kiss on Friday night while tears streamed down my cheeks.

I know I speak for all parents who can not, nor ever want to, fathom the emotion that the surviving families are left with today.

Their WORLD ended at approximately 9:30 AM Friday .

It almost makes me wonder what the NEXT WORLD that commences December 22 will be like?

I suppose THAT WORLD will be a much simpler one where issues are MUNDANE and BORING such as :

The Fiscal Cliff and War on Terrorism.

I am almost looking forward to it.

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