Watch out for his BARK, it may just be what you want to hear…..

Day 7 of Puppy Penitentiary and conditions are worsening.

I seem to be developing Stockholm Syndrome. Each day that passes in captivity I fall more in love with my captor. Nevertheless, he remains TOUGH with me and continues to mark his territory. (Outside thankfully).

The Torture has begun as he is now using SLEEP DEPRIVATION tactics.

I find myself longing for my freedom to go to the bathroom without The Guard Dog following me and reflect longingly of the times I used to sleep 8 hours straight.

The Guard DOG is WATCHING me at  ALL TIMES and continues to sniff me out and test my patience. He BARKS his orders each night for me to visit him in his quarters yet I hold out and refuse. His Bark increases. I surrender and succumb to his incessant call for me. I am weak.  A prisoner in my own cell. His BIG BROWN eyes are too powerful to resist. One look and I cave.

The Guard DOG always knows where I am and FOLLOWS me EVERYWHERE. I am never ALONE.

The Guard Dog is smarter than I originally thought and has forged an ALLIANCE with the two younger FEMALE Wardens, ages 7 and 9.

HE “sits” or “stays” on command and his Team indulge him with TREATS.

Together, they know just how to drain my strength with just a tilt of the head and a look in the eyes and I succumb. The FEMALES have taken the ALPHA role and appear the LEADERS of the Prison. They RULE the place and expect ME to prepare all their meals for them. They seem to know exactly which buttons to press to MAKE me WANT to do it. They know me TOO WELL.

There is always laughter coming from their rooms as they scheme out the next day’s torture tactics and plot out HOW much and WHAT they are going to ask from me next .

I am starting to believe that I am developing a sadistic side because I know deep down, there is NO ESCAPE.

I am destined to serve a 12-16 year Sentence and yet, I accept it. I think I may even get pleasure in knowing it.

Lesson Learned:

Even when you purchase an item on IMPULSE, or didn’t really THINK you WANTED it, sometimes , as in LIFE, it BITES you back by being EXACTLY what you NEEDED all along.

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