Gun Control Issues in South Florida? Can it Be?…..

I have kept  my opinion to myself regarding the MAJOR DEBATE and very relevant issue of the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, and the newly proposed updated legislation including Obama’s 23 executive actions………….

Until NOW.

I personally have never shot a GUN – (other than the BB GUN my big brother had when we were kids – don’t ask why my parents bought a WILD 11 year old boy a GUN- regardless if it’s BB pellets or not, with which, incidentally, HE shot my OTHER brother in the belt buckle (although sometimes i question if it ricocheted into his brain?), but that’s a different story- a good one- to be told in my NEXT Book about the “Merits of a Dysfunctional Childhood” – a sequel to my first book I wrote – in my head – about Country Club Crimes…… Stay Tuned ).

But I decided it was time I gave my $0.02 – stemming from my OWN encounter with the issue of GUN CONTROL – but in a VERY DIFFERENT way than is mostly discussed.

Flashback to 2 weeks ago…..

7:15 A.M. …….My kids were still home enjoying their last days of sleeping in late during their winter break- and I managed to have a window to go workout. As I was turning into the parking lot of the gym, I noticed a half dozen police cars parked in front with RED LIGHTS flashing – No sirens – just Lights spinning silently ,  ominously warning that something is WRONG.

Not one to gossip, nor one to CARE, I hurried inside the studio and didn’t bother to inquire as to what was going on.

A few minutes later, the Gym Owner came in and LOCKED the doors behind her. She had just been informed by said policemen that NO ONE was allowed to leave the studio – that an ARMED ROBBERY had taken place just minutes before opening and the FOUR ARMED MEN were on the loose and hiding within the immediate vicinity. (Did I mention they were ARMED????)

Now, you must understand that I have lived in New York City long enough to have experienced  MORE THAN A FEW subway muggings (one I didn’t even realize was occurring until i got up the steps from the subway platform onto the street and noticed that the guy behind me who kept pushing me from behind wasn’t just trying to get out too – but rather, his pushiness was actually him POKING me with a KNIFE as he mumbled: “Give me your chain or I’m gonna hurt ya”) at which point my friends and I RAN like crazy –  screeching like school girls. (To be young again – boy, did I RUN like the wind back then!)

But never in my life have I experienced a LOCKDOWN situation where I was basically – well, TRAPPED.

The George Costanza in me wanted to push every old lady and child out of the way and grab a piece of birthday cake on the way out (- after all- have we learned NOTHING from Seinfeld?? )

However, I seemed to be the ONLY one worried and kept asking my friends why they were all so CALM about this DIRE  and TERRIFYING situation!!

The unanimous response – from each and every one of them – was as simple as this:

“Don’t worry – I’m PACKING”.

And just like that – the warm up was over –  my heart rate already beating a million miles a minute- and the workout had begun.

30 minutes later my friends escorted me to my car-( as I was the ONLY one WITHOUT a concealed weapon in my GYM BAG )- and I was on my way home.

I could not help but think that maybe it was time to finally cash in that Groupon for shooting lessons and purchase something to lie next to my stash of Target lipgloss in my glove compartment.

Lesson Learned:

The Right to Bear Arms was written for a reason.

Some choose to violate the meaning behind the self defense clause and treat this PRIVILEGE in an abusive way. Just like controlled substances, liquor and any other vice or controversial item, and like most privileges that abound, the RIGHT to DO or HAVE or BEAR anything – ANYTHING – needs to be EARNED.

Now go and enjoy that Birthday cake before George tramples you on his way out the door.

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