Nothing that Syd and Ethel can’t fix…..



Along the same lines of yesterday’s post regarding  jumping right BACK IN after a long time OUT, I suppose I should share with you my return to the GYM after two weeks OFF for Spring Break ( and by Spring Break I mean  that the KIDS were off having fun which meant BIG MAMA couldn’t work OR WORK OUT).

No major excuses involved – I simply didn’t feel like driving the 15 minutes where the gym is conveniently located  near the kids school ….. (or so I thought at the time I signed up last September) – yet  seems like a COUNTRY away when I don’t need to be there for any particular reason.

It’s funny how we allow our minds to play tricks where PERCEPTION is concerned.

Like when I was Single living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan…. I had a rule that I wouldn’t date anyone who wasn’t living within a 20 block vicinity ……my theory was; if it involved more than 2 subway stops it was considered LONG DISTANCE …. and we all know those relationships never work. (And my father always heartbroken that I want married at age 21 -wanted to know why I was single for all those years…..go figure?)

Funny Confession Ecard: My favorite part about our long distance relationship, is probably the distance.

So instead, during break, I spent A LOT of time with the kids and the dog outdoors.

(I also spent A LOT of time inhaling the Kosher for Passover Chocolate Chip Macaroons but that’s a different blog. )

I DID manage to make ONE appearance at the Club Fitness Spa – which my husband insists is a wonderful gym and finds it ridiculous that I need to belong to another “outside” gym – but we all know it’s because he doesn’t understand the need for me to SPEND extra MONEY on a different membership when there’s one included in my club dues located literally a block from my house…..but I justify that it’s for the “heavy weight lifting ” (she says somewhat mocking herself) that I do while in a class structure with a trainer that can actually spot me as opposed to the Octogenarians : Syd and Ethel who can be found at the club.

Although truth be told this older generation knows a thing or two about healthy living…they go from the Golf Course to the Tennis Courts to the Card Room then to the Clubhouse for early Dinner  then straight to the Bar for Live Music and Dance the night away (and by night i mean until 8:30 PM)……not that much different than the old folks in Century Village which only allows residents age 60 and older and must be willing to give each other the keys to each others apartments – no questions asked – and where signs for STD treatments are posted just above the pool bulletin board alongside advertisements for nursing aides and wheelchair rentals…. So not kidding….wish I were.)

But alas I digress and just threw up a little as I pictured that …….

So back to the gym for me I went and as I’m typing this post just 2 days later I still feel the soreness in my leg muscles that haven’t been used other than using them to lift my Kardashian ass up from the couch to refill my glass of wine. (Klohe’s not Kim’s – have you seen her lately? Not that I can talk …. I certainly put her weight gain  to shame when I was pregnant – but alas, I didn’t have THAT many macaroons last week.)

Lesson Learned ……

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from it ALL – both mentally and physically – just know that no matter how delectable it may be during that time off  from healthy living …it’s a good reminder that life goes on without us and when we are ready to return to ROUTINE and HEALTHY HABITS – they will be there waiting for us as if we never left…..only they will sorely REMIND us not to do it again too soon.

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