When Gravity Falls – SMILE!!! …..

I have a friend my age who does not have ANY wrinkles. Those deep lines that are etched into the corners of my mouth seem to have evaded hers. I know she has never had work done ….not even a little pinch of Botox.

She tells me her secret is  that she NEVER SMILES . (Which means she has never stretched out the skin on her face……a fact that another friend of mine who is married to a plastic surgeon  and has already had a face lift – lucky gal- can attest to be true).

For that matter I suppose I should be appreciative about the fact that I SMILE ALL THE TIME and perhaps look at my own wrinkled face as a very tangible sign of a HAPPY LIFE .

So when my husband finally decided to get NEW GLASSES after let’s just say too many years of wearing the ones that look like a prop right out of an 80’s movie, I was just a WEE bit hesitant.

You see, all these years together he has been telling me how BEAUTIFUL I am and that he always considers a woman who ages NATURALLY and GRACEFULLY to be ATTRACTIVE ( and being that we live in a land of Botox and Boob Jobs I have to admit that all Size A of me prefers to believe him.)

So when he went for his eye exam courtesy of a Groupon I consequently regret forwarding to him and the results concurred that his eyesight had in fact worsened ( and by worsened I mean he was walking around BLIND as a BAT – literally could NOT SEE clearly -) I had to conclude that it only meant one thing:

HOLY SH*&^%T!!!!…..Now He’ll be able to actually SEE ME when we are – ahem –  up close and personal. ( Now I know why the movies always depict people taking off their glasses during sex scenes).

All things considered I have to admit that gravity hasn’t been THAT damaging to me and things could certainly be worse ( just go into any Walmart in South Florida and you too will feel great about your aging process) but I could not help thinking that maybe it was time for more than just a little eye cream.

(Yup, She’s 24!)

Perhaps it’s time to cash in my own Groupon’s for Botox?

Only problem with that plan is that husband with SUPERMAN eye sight will notice and get upset – not about the potential harm the botulism can cause later down the road but the fact that I spent MONEY on something as superficial as – well, my FACE!

Lesson Learned:

Careful what you wish for because soon enough you just might get it and look back upon it with 20/20 hindsight!

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