Make it legal but please don’t get it in my hair…..


I DON’T smoke pot.

 I DO, however, drink a LOT of wine and have at least 3 prescriptions for Xanax :

1. my father in law’s that I spotted once  while peeing in his bathroom and the bottle was just sitting on his sink just asking for me to take it- otherwise why would he leave it out knowing I was coming over?

 2. my husband’s stash from his kidney surgery last year that I borrowed before he even knew the doctor had prescribed it which I still hoard  in my nightstand.

3. my own that I got when I told my Doctor that it helps my migraines- of which I do not suffer from, thankfully, but thought that sounded better than “it’s a good chaser to my nightly glass of wine ”.


But I do not smoke pot.  Makes my hair stink and who has time to wash and blow dry every day?


That being said, I have certainly had my share of the good stuff over the years.  It got me through some very bad dates when I was single and one of the first women that signed up for JDate back when it was a start up in 1998. And just so you know, it was nothing like the online dating world now where all the HOT PEOPLE go to hook up with no strings attached (At least that’s what I imagine it to be like in my 12 year monogamous marriage fantasies).

 Nope, back then, the ratio of women to men was – in my estimate – 99:1 and the requests for a date that I would receive were overwhelmingly from men who were at least 20 + years older than me, 50+ pounds overweight and on average all of 5’4” tall.


Yup, pot served a good purpose at one point in my life.


So it comes as no surprise that legalizing pot is the hot topic of debate   across all the news networks now that it’s legal in other states. I actually over heard some twenty -something –year- old guy in line at Publix telling his friend his brilliant idea that he plans to move to Colorado to open up a pot store- he assured him he “would make millions”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’m pretty sure that the market has already been covered. Hey you never know- good luck bro!

 So what’s my $0.02 on the whole issue? Sure, why not make it legal?

They’re just going to tax the hell out of it anyway. Those who argue that the streets will become unsafe due to drivers being high will have to compete  with the fact that there’s already an even more dangerous problem on the roads- the fact that it’s LEGAL to DRIVE and TEXT. (Not to mention the 93 year olds who are still driving and turning right from the left lane without a hint of warning other than a beep). Was that last comment  too obvious that I live in South Florida?


Try fighting that law and maybe we’ll make some headway where safety issues are concerned.

 Like alcohol after prohibition, legalizing a recreational and harmless  vice (if imbibed responsibly- but there’s no guarantees on anything – even cold medicine right? ) will only make it less appealing and most probably put the shady smugglers and dealers out of business –and quite possibly clean up our streets.

Lesson Learned….

Sometimes it’s just not worth the fight-  it may just be easier to understand that in reality, the situation is already out of your control.

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