I still got it!….Even if it includes denture cream…

Two days ago,  while driving the girls home from school, my 10 year old told me me  that she had overheard two boys in her class talking about how they both were going to give her chocolate on Valentine’s day. Apparently, they had it all planned out: one boy was going to give her the chocolate (that his mom was going to buy from Publix ) and the other boy was planning to give her candy (leftover from Halloween that he purposely saved  for such an occasion) and ask her to be his Valentine. Even though she doesn’t like either boy and planned to say no to both –she decided that she would to keep the candy anyway…..

That’s my girl! She’s got it!

The very next morning, I was at the tennis and fitness center  in the club where they give out free bagels and coffee (not one to pass up free food, I pretty much go every morning before work) and my new friend Larry, a man in his early 70’s whom I had met a few weeks ago, asked me if I was single as he has always run into me solo or with the girls. When I told him that no, I was indeed married, he seemed disappointed and followed up with:

“Well, in case you ever decide that you don’t want to be anymore….3 men have asked about you” and he pointed his chin towards the corner of the room as if to show me who they were.  As I instinctively glanced that way with just more than a hint of excitement that can be justified by a happily married lady – I could not help but gulp just a little when I realized he was talking about the men in the corner who were all looking up over their Sun Sentinel newspaper with big denture lined grins on their faces…..they were each what I would have to guess to be 70+ years old. Maybe 75?


My heart sank. Has it really come to this? Am I really THAT OLD that THESE are the only men that think I’m HOT now??? What happened to the days when I would walk into a restaurant or a bar and heads would turn? (Ok, ok, I just made that part up – we all know that never happened- but seriously??? 75?!)

I suppose I should have left the image of  the  hot young pool boy thinking  I was a MILF back in my fantasy – but am I really at a point in life where my only options are OCTOGENARIANS?

But then it made me think …..

Just like my 10 year old who knows when to take advantage of a situation when it benefits her, I too decided that being admired by men in their 70’s isn’t such a bad thing. They certainly know how to be chivalrous. I wouldn’t have to wait long in the buffet line –they would always have my back and let me cut in at the soup station.  I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a drink at happy hour on Friday nights at the pool bistro where the average age is 82- these guys would certainly order me a peach schnapps ahead of everyone at exactly 4:30 pm SHARP.  I would always get a front and center shady  spot at the pool at the Saturday morning Aquacise class.

As my friend Larry summed it up :

“It’s always good to have a back up pitcher “

I must admit it feels pretty good to still be WANTED.

Lesson Learned:

Even if it’s not what you thought you’d get in a certain point in life, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

I suppose ageing isn’t so bad – when it comes to 80 year old’s – I still got it!

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