I’ll take it even though you’re probably just trying to Bond…

Yesterday, I knew I had a short  window in between meetings so I did what I rarely have a chance to do- I  called ahead for an actual appointment for a mani /pedi at the nail salon near my office. However, when I arrived, I was told that no one would be available for at least 30 minutes and to take a seat. “But I called this morning and made an appointment”, I so proudly and boldly declared – as if all the technicians should rise up, lower their surgical masks and salute  me. Of course they didn’t- and instead chose to ignore the crazy woman insisting she be polished. So I left in a great big huff mumbling curse words as the door slammed on my gigantic behind.

And just like that, another nail salon will join the leagues of all the other nail salons on the 3 block vicinity of the upper west side of NY that hang a picture of my face that reads: “Do not buff this woman”



On I went to the next salon (which by the way, unlike NY, is not just a few blocks away – but rather –  a few gated communities- or 6 MILES away ) and as luck would have it they had an opening (I later found out why- nails chipped an hour later ).

Anyway, sitting in the chair next to me was a lean, tall, elegant looking woman  whom I would have to guess was in her early 70’s – with streaks of white throughout her perfectly coiffed bob. Her expensive jewelry and trendy handbag inferred that she had a good sense of style. So when she leaned over and told me I had – wait for it- : “Beautiful feet” –  I had to wonder if the reason she didn’t remove her Chanel sunglasses was because maybe she was blind?

But then she complimented the color I chose and went so far as to say that I should be a “foot model”. At that point I simply laughed out loud knowing she had to be joking – a very mean joke- but nevertheless, she couldn’t be for real. Displaying photo.JPG SERIOUSLY????

Yet she continued to compliment my toes saying that they were  “so long and lean” (a compliment I would have preferred directed about my legs but I guess I’ll take it?) Now I have heard many things about my feet over the years – my husband in particular often (lovingly?) refers to them as :

–      Disgusting

–      Revolting

–      Hideous

–      Repulsive

–      Gross

–      Nauseating

But never have I heard that I should quit my day job and call Ford Models! So that made me think…. Sometimes people just want to connect to one another.

Lesson Learned:

When someone compliments you about (what you believe to be)  your worst trait/feature/attribute….maybe they are simply trying to BOND. Take the compliment and go out and buy a new pair of sandals!

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