Lena don’t be so uptight- let’s just get REAL…

Are we over Lena Dunham yet?

I confess I’ve never seen her show “Girls” on HBO.    Other than hearing that she was Anna Wintours’ prize choice for February’s Vogue cover due to her  ” inspirational” feminism, I didn’t pay her much attention.

Apparently, she is supposed to be a very “REAL” woman and represent what REAL women look like.

Lena Dunham Photoshop Pic

I get the appeal of a REAL woman in real life situations. And although it’s been many years since I have been on the singles dating scene,  I do understand that there are sexist boundaries that need to be set aside to pave way for real life occurrences.

I also get the latest trends in Marketing of REAL people –the way Neutrogena has REAL women with REAL un-airbrushed , full figured bodies representing their products in magazine ads. I think those ads are highly effective and should be represented more so in the media.

But what exactly are we celebrating by Lena Dunham playing ping pong naked? That she is so confident in her full figured body and that we all should be letting it all hang out all the time too?

Yes, I am all for the “I am woman hear me roar” vibe – in fact- I am raising my girls in a very egalitarian household. Confidence and strength are huge factors in our everyday lives.

So when I read about the big controversy that spurned from a reporter asking Lena why there is so much nudity in her show and how she went absolutely APE SH&*$%T on him in response – I had to inquire –  just who is this woman anyway?

The fact that all he asked (and yes I did look up the exact interview line for line)   was why there is so much nudity in her show – didn’t seem to matter- she apparently took the defensive position that this man was attacking HER looks and HER  body image.

I happen to love walking around my house half-naked. On weekends before I get dressed- I always stumble into the kitchen to get my coffee with out bothering to put anything on. I never close the shades either and my husband and kids are constantly reminding me that the golfers can see in. I say let them enjoy the show! I truly don’t care who sees me – sag and all- if they really want to look- so be it. But I certainly  don’t play ping pong in my undies.

I have to say on this one – I side with the reporter. But not for the reasons you might think (yes those reasons are because she’s not even slightly attractive and who wants to see her naked anyway?)

I must confess I do admire good looks-  and although I am a heterosexual married woman – I am also an equal opportunity kind of gal – I admire both male AND female beauty.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If presented with Catherine Zeta Jones circa 1998 I would hands down choose to watch her naked over the very REAL Lena Dunham.

Seriously how hot was she???

Magazines, TV shows, movies- HOLLYWOOD- they are NOT REAL- they are FANTASY.

There’s a reason we pay $11 a ticket to see a movie,  or $250 / month cable bill…. . It takes us to that airbrushed dream world of UNreality.

I think that storylines and scripts should be what’s real – but the pictures, the models, the movie stars-  should be kept to perfection.

So Lena, if you’re reading this- let’s settle down a notch and maybe put a bra on. (But if you’re REALLY reading this- JUST KIDDING! I AM SO SORRY!!! – please forgive me and publish my scripts I’ve been sending you every week! )

Lesson Learned:

I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman!!!

And now for your listening pleasure:

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