Uncle Jesse leave the yogurt for Jaime Lee Curtis….



I am getting all kinds of promotions in my inbox for Super Bowl Sunday – anything from coupons for buckets of chicken wings to 15% off Snuggies. (A good deal when a standard blanket just won’t do!)

But nothing is more anticipated for Sunday than the 30 seconds of coveted AD time in between bathroom breaks.

So the other day, as I was getting dressed for work, the morning network shows were previewing some of the best commercials that will be featured this coming Sunday.

The one that caught my eye was starring Jon Stamos- still a total Hottie after all this time – eating Greek yogurt – sloppily spoon feeding himself, leaving a little remnant on his lips which his girlfriend dutifully licked right off.

He continued to eat sloppily – only the second time he dripped a little on his pants – the double entrendre inferred that she was going to continue to lick other areas of his body where he accidentally spilled the yogurt.

But before it becomes more than PG 13 – In comes Danny Tanner and Uncle Joey to the cleaning rescue! They were in full (house) character wiping up the hot mess.

Yet somehow it all seemed so WRONG.

It’s one thing to see an actor age as we grow old along WITH them- (ie: George Clooney and “Facts of Life”)  but to have the same actors play the characters they portrayed some 20 years ago – was well, quite shocking.


I just could not get over how old they were…. (Which really meant how old I am!)

I grew up watching “Full House” when they taped it LIVE. Back in the 80’s I was watching it in REAL time. Now with syndication, my kids are watching it -and to them- Danny Tanner is still just the morning talk show host in San Francisco – not the actor who’s the voice over on “How I Met Your Mother”.  

Seeing how much these actors have aged, regardless of plastic surgery involved seemed to just diminish the nostalgia I have for my childhood shows.  I used to look forward to “reunion” shows and “Where are they now” episodes ….but now that I am the same age as they are – and they are SO MUCH OLDER than their characters once were- well,  it’s just a reminder that life goes by fast and I kind of want to keep the illusion that I am still young.  

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes it’s best to let memories stay as they were when they were formed. Hire a no name for your Greek yogurt commercials and leave my Uncle Jesse as just the guy who likes to ride motor cycles and stay home and sing jingles to D.J. , Stefanie and Michelle.

And now for SOME of your viewing pleasure (take note -it’s offensive):

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