I’m gonna try for an Uptown Girl….

The other day GMA had Christie Brinkley on discussing her skin care regimen and her secrets to staying so young looking at age 60.

First of all, I want to just say that YES, I do think she looks amazing! However, I also think it’s absolutely ridiculous that she is passing off her youthful skin to what she referred to as “special facials” – which I had to interpret was just another way of saying EXCELLENT PLASTIC SURGEON.

Even though I’m going on my third year here in Florida I am still surprised by the amount of plastic surgery that abounds. Don’t get me wrong, I do not scoff at it or look down upon it- whatever makes you happy is my philosophy. I happen to have a lot of friends in their 60’s that have faces –and bodies– of women in their 30’s. (They’ve already given me their doctors contact info for when “I’m ready”).

The one and only time I tried Juvederm years ago I came home looking like I had been in a boxing match and my husband wanted to know what the hell happened to my face. After that, he made it very clear he does not like women who get any kind of plastic “assistance”.

So when the word “BOTOX” popped up on his calendar that we share for work, he immediately asked me what that was about and if it’s some kind of a joke. It might as well have been another man’s name and hotel room reservation the way he reacted. (Although I somehow got the feeling that even an affair would have been less of a betrayal than the concept of me getting Botox).

At first I had no idea how or what it was from – I didn’t recall putting it on my calendar let alone the very one that we share. But then I remembered that a few weeks ago I had made an appointment for my legs to be lasered (Best Groupon purchase ever!) and they were running a special this month for clients that bought a laser package to get Botox  half off.  At the time I was easily convinced that it was a great deal and made the appointment but then changed my mind within minutes of booking it –  figuring with my luck – having needles injected  into my face from someone offering it like a BOGO in Publix didn’t seem like a good idea). So I canceled it and forgot about it.

But seeing Christie Brinkley – and so many women here in Florida- who look and feel amazing after going under the knife – made me think- are a few injectables really that harmful in the big scheme of what’s out there?

So much is available so easily these days- even my kids’ dentist offers  “lunch time face lifts”.

It’s like “fast food nation” is becoming more and more of “fast youth nation”.

Are we going to get to the point where we can walk into Walgreens pharmacy and get lipo while we wait for our prescriptions? (And for those of you who live in S.Florida you know damn well there’s PLENTY of time waiting in line- with all the octogenarians excitedly picking up their RX’s as if they are going out for Happy Hour.)

It makes me wonder just how good is it to have all this advanced medical technology so easily available.

Forget Lena Dunham and the airbrushing scandal…soon enough we’re not going to know how old we are anymore based on a persons looks but only by the calendar. (Here’s hoping!)

Lesson Learned:

If it looks too good to be true – she probably is. Just get her Doctors’ number for future reference.

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