That picture of your newborn is TMI…..


As I mentioned before I recently purchased the iPhone and iPad and while going through the initial set up it required that I enter a “LOCATION”. HMmmmm….

Having Pioneered my internet sales career back in the mid 90’s I learned early on NEVER to provide personal information online. As some of you know, I keep my FaceBook page loaded with blog entries but  you will not find ONE photo of my kids and that’s because I am a paranoid nut job. It’s not that I think the Internet BOOGIE MAN is going to come jump out of the screen and snatch me up (Although I do believe that to be a strong possibility- just as likely to occur as a shark attack in my pool- but POSSIBLE) but it’s more so that – years ago I was a victim of identity theft (and believe me the woman who scammed my…

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