Who needs a lot of Friends when you have a gay pride partner?

So I ran into an old friend ….. Someone I haven’t seen in years –  12 to be exact.  How do I know? We each got married within a month of each other and bonded because we were newlyweds  living in the same apartment building on the Upper West side of Manhattan – both in our early 30’s and heavily into building our careers.

Flash forward and life gets in the way and we each move out and on -until yesterday when coincidence or karma brought us together- we actually work in the same office building in Boca Raton Florida- on the same floor – 3 doors apart.

Small world?  Or meant to be?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Fate brought us back together and just like that – we picked up as if we never separated….within minutes we caught up on each other’s lives- covering heavy topics from fertility issues to religion.

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to pick up after years of no contact with a real friend  — yet it can be a struggle to make small talk with an acquaintance you see every single day yet you’re not quite  comfortable with?

Friendship has always been a weakness of mine. Many a female have made it clear that I’m not a “girls girl” and lack the ability to “let people in”.

I disagree. I simply have no patience for CATTiness and find that most females come with DRAMA.

I’m just not good at keeping in touch on FB or calling everyday to ask about your recent bargains from Nordstrom’s. I was just never that girl who needed to surround myself with a lot of friends to make me feel  popular.

I suppose all I ever needed -and have had for years now-  was my gay BFF to talk to about the IMPORTANT matters such as The Real Housewives of Beverley  Hills and a husband to cover the marital grounds.


I’m fine with that.

Lesson Learned….

Everyone is wired differently. Some people need constant companionship and lots of people following them on Instagram to make them feel better about themselves. Others just need to know who is REALLY there for them when needed.

It’s all good. Appreciate what you have.

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