Laugh at yourself if not one else “GETS” it…..

Whenever I talk to my single friends about what they are looking for in a potential partner it seems that the number one “must have” is always:

“A good sense of HUMOR”

I think that’s funny because that can mean so many different things to so many people.

For instance, when I was much younger, I always thought I would marry a guy like Jon Belushi or Adam Sandler- you know the type- fat, funny, made an entrance, everyone knows he’s in the room – that kind of guy.

Back then, the louder the better.

Eventually it hit me  that I was looking for myself –  I am that person-

I make an entrance and everyone knows I’m in the room because I’m so loud (which I credit to growing up in a  house with 3 brothers, and 3 male cousins running wild so I didn’t stand a chance unless I yelled.)

Flash forward and I ended up spending the past 12 happy years with what some people would consider a very quiet man – or “selective with whom he shares his words” as he likes to put it- even though I have never laughed as hard as I do when I’m with him.

I suppose All that matters is that whomever you’re with – the key to life is that you  “GET” each other. This rule applies to both PARTNERS as well as FRIENDS.

There are instances in life where only ONE person would understand why something is so funny to you.

For instance, last week I was pulling out of my office parking lot and about to make a left turn around the corner when a Vintage (or is Classic?) ROLLS  ROYCE  convertible – straight out of the 80‘s – blocked me as he was turning right into the very narrow lane.

We were head to head as we both inched up to the point where we would collide if one of us wouldn’t concede. So we were window to window and I actually considered slamming the horn but then I thought about it for a moment and realized there was only ONE thing to do…..

I rolled my window down and asked him:

“Pardon me, would you have any GREY POUPON?”

And then I burst out laughing at myself.

Of course the fact that he was 60 years old the joke went right over his head and I’m sure he was wondering why is this crazy lady asking him for mustard.

But then he redeemed himself by asking me out for a glass of wine. Flattered, I gave him my business card and told him to call me if he needs help managing his money.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to find someone who GETS you but even if you don’t its really OK to laugh at YOURSELF.

Lord knows I do that all the time. (I also talk to myself ALL day long….but hey no ones listening anyways ).

And now for your viewing pleasure:

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