Get REAL and LET it go!….


I’ve been reading – with serious laughter- the criticism that is surrounding Gwenyth Paltrow’s recent decision to uncouple.

I also learned something new:

Apparently, humans are just simply not designed to stay married for any length of time and we can all accredit science for our living longer -and therefore outliving the desire to stay married to one person.

When you’ve got Kim Kardashians 72 day marriage to compare to- Gwens 10 years is like dog years in Hollywood so I’m not sure why we aren’t all applauding her for actually lasting a decade.

I actually met Gwyneth some 20 years ago on the upper west side of Manhattan. I was walking with a friend on 86th street and she was filming the “Pallbearer” with Ross from Friends in the Synagogue that I would attend whenever I wanted free drinks on a Saturday afternoon. All I had to do was ask the producer with a smile if we could come in and watch them film and we were allowed behind the scenes. This was two decades ago, back when Gwen was sporting a short haircut and dating Brad Pitt. (Back when Brad Pitt was just the unknown hot guy who stole all of Thelma and Louise’s cash.

Hey Thelma: WORTH IT!!! !)


SOOOOO Worth it!

But even then I sensed a certain snobbiness and narcissism  to her- which was confirmed when she put out her cigarette on the floor of the main sanctuary and stomped it out with her 2 inch kitten heel which were in style at the time.

So when following this chatter about how out of touch with reality this movie star is – what made me laugh the most isn’t the fact that she’s divorcing (boring!) but rather, the CRITICISM about how just out of touch to the REAL world she is. Gwen’s website, Goop, is targeted to the one per centers and nothing she writes is practical be it to buy to wear or to prepare in the kitchen.

So, really, the question is: who takes her seriously?

In my opinion it’s like asking Martha Stewart to do your laundry for you. (You think she will approve of me throwing darks and whites in the same load once in a while ? OK, OK, you got me- ALL THE TIME.)


It’s like asking Paris Hilton what the BOGO specials are at publix this week. Really?- YOU think she’s buying more than just booze and cheetos?

I watch reality TV for a reason- and that reason is simple:

To laugh AT how UNREAL these characters (or caricatures ) are and how so out of touch they are with the “real world”- it really is laughable. (All I need is a DVR set to Bravo, a glass of wine and I’m off to sleep like a baby).

I sometimes think that I too, am out of touch with reality when I drive through my country club gates and  get pissed off that they closed the card room after 6pm on Saturday and therefore no more free snacks. But that’s MY reality- which begs the question:


Why would I compare MY REAL world to anyone else’s?


Even more so, why do we constantly compare ourselves to Hollywood stars? We watch what they wear, what they eat, how they exercise, where the live, where they vacation. We are obsessed with their lifestyles and for the most part spend our lives comparing ourselves to them- THE UNREAL world!

We care TOO MUCH in my opinion.


Lesson Learned:

So, bottom line boys and girls- especially all you angry working moms out there- the issue isn’t why is Gwen so out of touch with reality, the REAL ISSUE   here is :



Like Adele Dazeem sings in frozen; LET IT  GO!!!!

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