Spit the hot dog out and wear the blue dress…..



its time we addressed the big blue dress with a stain on it in the room

yes, –   you got it-  Monica Lewinsky.


Those of you who had forgotten her 15 minutes of fame nearly two decades ago can be reminded now that she is competing for face time with Kim Kardashian for the cover of every gossip rag at the supermarket checkout line and appeared in the very prestigious NY Post – all the media attention that has been thrown her way because of her Essay where she claims to be haunted by a lifetime of regrets.



Does this sound like a Hilary bid to anyone else?


I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it very TIMELY that Monica is opening up to Vanity Fair about her own affair  with ex POTUS Clinton…..20 years later.

Give me a break.

Don’t get me wrong- I am a huge supporter of Hillary. ( Not sure yet why that’s the case but for some reason – possibly the Egalitarian in me- is Inclined to say I like her thus far.)

Look, I have spent years avoiding politics in this blog.

I have addressed all topics fitness and Hollywood hubbub , but when it comes to politics, I pretty much keep my mouth shut – mostly because


Yep, I admit it, I don’t give a damn.


I really don’t think that my Balsam FIT secret blog is going to change the world in any way, other than possibly help tighten those that jiggle just a little. (When in doubt- SQUAT!)

so when it comes to matters of political nature I tend to keep quiet,  but for some reason I just had to open up a bit about dear Monica.

Flash back 8 years ago when my daughter, Ava,  was born – we named her AVA MONICA BALSAM – the “A” represented “Anna “ – my paternal grandmother and the “M” was for “Mary” – my maternal grandmother.

The name “Mary Ann” just seemed too GIligan’s Island (and who doesn’t vote for Ginger in the quiz “which one would you shag” anyway??)

So we decided to modify-  and the first thing out of my father’s mouth when we told him the name we selected for our beautiful girl was:


“Monica?!! WHAT???!! like Monica LEWINSKY!!???”


Apparently, it was so shameful and still so raw in the political enviornment that he lived in (either that or he hadn’t ever watched an episode of “Friends”)

(I don’t care how much it costs- she still looks DAMN good!)

I suppose the name does have a burden attached to it or else there would be no Vanity Fair cover story

So let’s reflect a minute- can’t we argue that in actuality she was just a KID who made poor choices?

Do I need to address the double standard with Spitzer and Wiener- both MARRIED ADULTS  who have attempted -and possibly succeeded at- multiple comebacks?


My question is this:

is this an issue of sexism  or simply a contrite attempt for office?

-Or possibly both?

Lesson Learned:

Let’s continue to limit the gossip rags for important matters like the Kardashian butt implant scandals and keep politics out of our Publix line literature.

Keep the politics for Late night Jimmy Fallon and  Stephen Colbert  where it should be.


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