Nine is not enough for Wine…..


Have you heard the latest?

They came out with a new study that proved red wine has absolutely no HEALTH BENEFITS as previously suggested.
Apparently the study took place over the course of NINE years.
Although I’m no scientist,  I can confidently say that nine years is definitely not enough time to make such bold appalling conclusions !

Only 9 years?
Really? Would you ask my 9 year old for medical advice? I think not!

Considering I have been drinking wine EVERY NIGHT for the past TWO DECADES and I’m healthy as a horse ( with the horses ass to show for it) I would have to argue otherwise

( only ONE glass of course)

The study concluded that although, resveratrol, the key ingredient in red wine once known to be heart healthy, won’t HARM you – it also showed no real HEALTH BENEFITS.
Well that just makes no sense at all.
If you think about it for a minute there are plenty of things that are GOOD for you that can also be HARMFUL-  yet we are still encouraged to continue doing them.
For example swimming is fantastic EXERCISE – yet if you swim in the ocean you can easily be eaten by a shark.

But here’s the REAL concern I have behind this study:

The team used data on men and women over the age of 65 in order to assess whether resveratrol levels from diet were linked with inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease and death.

Hello??? Isn’t the problem obvious? Doesn’t anyone else realize that they were CLEARLY studying the WRONG AGE group-???

Anyone in their 30’s and 40’s and  raising YOUNG CHILDREN while focusing on their CAREER will be the first to attest to the MANY HEALTH BENEFITS of drinking wine.

Such as, but not limited to, the IMMEDIATE and INSTANT cure for:





And of course (- fill in the blank but here are a few suggestions: Boss, kids, husband, wife) are all getting on your nerves.

So, in conclusion,  the folks behind this RIDICULOUS nonsense study of the non-benefits of drinking wine CLEARLY have the WRONG CONTROL GROUP!

Lesson Learned:

When in doubt, drink WHITE.

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