Ignore the Tweet and make your own Selfie…..


Kevin spacey has been stirring up some controversy recently by tweeting a  Selfie with Enrique Pena Nieto, the President of Mexico, with the tag line:

“ One of these Presidents is real.”
As a ‘House of Cards’ fan, I enjoyed the reference and didn’t think much of it.
But apparently I am in the minority.
There’s a whole debate about political candidates paying famous personalities to promote and endorse them.
I don’t see what all the fuss is about – this is certainly nothing NEW?
Celebrity endorsement has been going on for ages not only in terms of promoting the politicians, but for celebrities themselves using their 15 minutes of fame for political power.


I’m sure I could go way back but I’ll keep it age appropriate and reference Ronald Reagan, the Actor turned President.
Certainly his Hollywood charm didn’t harm his political campaign back in the day.

Seriously, who can resist that?



Now, THIS- I can resist!


It seems that if you have any kind of celebrity presence you’re suddenly entitled to a voice in the White House.


Campaign trails and White House Correspondence dinners have become the new  red carpet for the Oscar winners.

So let’s all calm down about this whole paying people to promote us argument-

Society has let Hollywood dictate what to WEAR, EAT, DRIVE and ACT for decades.

It’s OUR issue that WE have given THEM the authority to tell US what to do and how to be.

There are even countless blogs and websites designed for just that purpose.

Lesson Learned:

Make your own decision on who to vote for- don’t let the pretty face in the Tweet fool you into believing something else.








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