Where are they NOW – doesn’t matter- be yourself….


I’m just a tiny bit OBSESSED with the website TMZ.com

I only discovered it recently while clicking on a  link that had a cover story about “Penny “, from my favorite show ; ‘Big Bang Theory’, and noticed just how much she overdid the Botox and fillers.

Ah, to be young and dumb again.

But while on the site I secretly indulged in clicking through to the other stories and gossip of the week- such as- but not limited to,  Bruce Jenners’ desire to date Madonna and how she declared that  she would gladly eat him alive.

Or the fact that Beyonce- butt and all- is really just a size 2- regardless of just how bootylicious she appears in photos.

But what had me hooked and unable to concentrate on anything else -were the ‘Before and After’ photos and the “where are they now” pictures of child stars who fell into the Bermuda triangle trap of popular stardom in adolescence to total losers in adulthood.

I became entranced with the photos of Alice from Brady Bunch- who is  now someone I would recognize in the ladies card room at the club.

or Tina Yothers from Family Ties, one of my favorite Publix grocery baggers .

Or Blaire from’ Facts of Life’, now looks like  a typical Boca housewife I would find on the tennis courts or at the club buffet LUNCH- midday- sloppily toasting the other ladies in pink Lulu’s with a glass of wine in her hand.

Or Schneider from ‘One Day at a Time’ (also a nickname my husband has deemed for me given that I can fix anything with a corkscrew and a bottle of wine) – who is now someone I would easily say is a GREAT CATCH  for any of my single friends.

And oh – Ely May Clampett- from the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’- how I wish you stayed out of the sun my dear.

And last but certainly not least, FLO from  ‘Alice’ – well, I just HAVE to say

“Kiss my Grits!”

That was fun!!

Lesson Learned:

We all grow up and age in our own way. Life is short.  Embrace who you are NOW and don’t look back at who you thought you might have been at some point in your youth.

Have a great Memorial Day and enjoy the BBQ because Tuesday we are back to clean eating and healthy living!!!!!!!!!!!

And now for a few NEW items to check out!!!!

1. my NEW vimeo channel!!!:

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2. click on my twitter and see my updates of just how annoyed people make me throughout the day and how I learn lessons from it!!!




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