Go to bed angry as long as you are HONEST about it…..


I attended a wedding shower of one of my friends children this weekend and on the tables were little note cards asking us old married folks to write some of our advice for ‘wedding bliss’ to the new couple.

As they read some of the cute ones out loud (or is it ‘aloud’?)–such as–

“Your wife is always right” or

“No dear, you don’t look fat in that dress”

– it occurred to me that no one really offered up the best advice that I adhere to – which is “be HONEST with your partner”

I have to say that after 13 years of marriage (and yes, I ALWAYS forget my anniversary -but I’m told it’s been THAT long) the ONE biggest thing that I pride myself on in having a happy marriage is our ability to be HONESTwith each other.

BRUTALLY honest.

For instance, my husband ALWAYS tells me if he likes (or hates) what I’m wearing.
I never get offended because I appreciate that I can really trust his opinion and know he’s telling the truth if something isn’t flattering. (Something I never expect from the Women who work in the boutiques trying to make a sale and the reason my wardrobe when I was single was an expensive  disaster).

So when he turned to me at the beach this weekend  and casually said:
“It’s really amazing how much your weight fluctuates- that only 2 weeks ago you were absolutely ripped and now you have a mushy tushy”-  I had no choice but to gush with adoration and think – what a great guy I have!

Now I know what you’re thinking: Most women wouldn’t fall in love all over again from a statement that her ass looks fat – but for me it just reaffirms how much he LOVES me.
Look, its not like it came as a shock to me given the amount of pizza and pancakes I’ve been inhaling lately-  but I truly think it’s a GOOD thing to hear every  once in awhile that my body can use a little improving and that even though its OK to be lazy on weekends I don’t need to inhale the kitchen EVERY night.

I know I’m lucky that I am with a man that isn’t afraid of the repercussions of telling his wife she is JUST A LITTLE FAT.

I am someone who understands that marriage is a give and take – and when it comes to letting him know that his snoring is getting intolerable I don’t mince words (I kick the hell out of him all night long instead).

Lesson Learned:

Understand that Enhancement comes from within but every now and again its good to hear form a trusted source what you already know yourself to be true – and WORK on IMPROVING it .

Give me a week at the gym and closing the kitchen at 8 PM and RIPPED I shall be. Challenge accepted!!!!

and now for an easy way to get in some squats:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/96110520″>Swim practice squats</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user28269231″>balsamfit secret</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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