Be careful when you click on your favorite brand!…


I HATE shopping.

I absolutely detest it. I hardly have time for a Publix run let alone spending more than a minute browsing in a retail store for clothing.

Which is why I buy EVERYTHING ONLINE – from kitchen supplies to clothing for work, swim, casual, kids, workout, husband- you name it – I only buy online.

I simply don’t have time- let alone PATIENCE- to shop at the mall.

So last night, when I was browsing online with my 10 year old for summer clothes, we came across some new shopping sites. She mentioned to me that she liked a brand called“so nikki”- so I did what any tech savvy mama does and GOOGLED the word “so nikki” .

The first few items that came up were the typical Amazon and eBay items- which were OK but nothing special- so when I clicked on the  next link- it brought us directly to a  website titled: “”- which I proceeded to navigate to while my 10 year old sat next to me in hopes of finding some great new clothes.

However, instead of a retail chain it brought us directly to a hardcore XXX PORN site !

(yes, I said US- in other words- BOTH myself and my 10 year old child watched TOGETHER as the very buxom blonde proceeded to – well- you know where this goes).


I panicked.

I literally froze  in my tracks as we sat there together in unison SHOCKED  – just WATCHING – like a train wreck where I couldn’t look away – yet knew I must do SOMETHING immediately  ( I kind of blanked out – but I’m pretty sure her words were:


I suppose the super strength of a mama in distress took over and I immediately X-ed out of the site- but not  before I realized she had seen TOO MUCH.

My first thought was – do I need to call a family psychologist?

Is this going to cost me years of therapy ?

But just like that – she ran out of the room to tell her sister what happened and all I could hear from the other room was hysterical LAUGHTER and more words like “So GROSS!!!” .

Lesson Learned:

There are many dangers out there awaiting OUR children -and we can not protect them from everything- but if it happens to occur that they are exposed to things they should not be exposed to before their time- then at least let it be accompanied by us-their PARENTAL GUARDIAN- where we can walk them through and explain to them the TRUTH behind it all. (Such as- in 10 years from now- when You’re old enough to appreciate it-  I’m sure the online  “material” will be significantly BETTER quality).

Happy Friday!!!

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