It’s OK to make eye contact (just keep the comments to yourself)…..

It always amazes me how different people are in Florida than they are in the east coast-  but by far my favorite difference to observe is when I go to Publix.
Without fail during the checkout process someone in line behind or in front of me feels the need to comment about my food choices.
This would never happen in NYC.
At Fairway, the aisles are so narrow that you have to maneuver through them the same way you would if as if you were on the subway – you keep your head down and avoid eye contact.

god forbid you need help looking for an item in Food Emporium and actually have to find – let alone ask – a store clerk for something.
Most often they don’t bother looking they just reply with the same practiced (ie; lazy) response of: “we’re out of it”. Sure you are. Sure you are.
Too much of an inconvenience to actually have to lift their finger and POINT to the correct aisle where said item is located (and indeed in stock).

But at Publix not only will the store clerk tell you where your requested item is located but they will ESCORT you to the exact location and place it in your cart FOR you (albeit they are typically old enough to be your great grandpa so it takes about 20 minutes just to get to the aisle and another 20 to find the shelf – but never the less they make the effort- and simultaneously you make their day!!)
So I had to smile during check out yesterday when the conversation went like this:
Bagger: “ I just have to ask – what are all these items for??”
Me: “- to eat?”
Bagger: ” I mean what are all these melons and apples and nuts and avocados for? You have so much fruit and vegetables!?” (at which point I so badly wanted to correct her and say “many” not “much”-but held back.)
Me: “- to eat?”
Bagger: “wow you must have a huge family to feed!!!”
Me: “just the 4 of us”(taking into consideration that I hadn’t even remembered to buy dog food but was too time constrained to  get out of line to ask the octogenarian clerk to help me find it )

Bagger: “So you mean you stock up for weeks?”
Me: ” Nope –we’ll go through this in 2 -3 days” (suddenly overcome with doubt- thinking maybe we do EAT TOO MUCH)
Bagger : “man, if my cart looked like that I would probably be able to get off my insulin!!!”

And BOOM!- just like that- I was reminded of exactly WHY I BOTHER to take the time to go to the store to load up on FRESH produce.

Mission accomplished.

Lesson Learned:

When you treat yourself to healthful choices your are rewarded with a healthy body. Who cares how many comments you get on the way- embrace the stares by knowing that you’re the one with the power to stay fit for life. But just remember to feed your dog.

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